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Director, Resilience Authority of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County

Position Type: Full-Time

Compensation Range: $140,000 - $180,000


Submitted by: Jacqueline Sincore Guild
Geographic Areas: Maryland

The Resilience Authority of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County (the Authority) is a newly created, quasi-governmental organization authorized to undertake, finance, manage, acquire, own, convey and support resilience infrastructure projects in the City of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County that mitigate the impacts of climate change for the general welfare or safety of the public. It is envisioned that the Authority will work with all levels of government, community organizations, non-profit organizations and private landowners and business owners to finance and construct such projects.

The Authority will be governed by a twelve-member Board of Directors. The Resilience Authority Director and the Board of Directors will review and approve the financing and/or construction of resilience infrastructure projects. The Resilience Authority Director and the Board of Directors will provide annual written reports describing their work, financial positions and needs, status of current projects, and priorities for the coming year to the County Executive, Mayor, County Council, City Council and Maryland State government.

The Resilience Authority Director is the leader of the Authority and is responsible for the overall success of the Authority. The Director reports to the Board of Directors, and is responsible for duties as imposed by the Board of Directors, and for the day-to-day management of the Authority. The Director will appoint and supervise employees to carry out the Authority’s mission and tasks, develop a high performing managerial team, and oversee all operations and business activities to ensure resilience infrastructure is properly delivered to communities throughout Annapolis and Anne Arundel County. Additionally, the Director is responsible for representing the Authority to clients, legislative bodies, community groups, agencies and other external partners and stakeholders.

The Director serves at the pleasure of the County Executive with the concurrence of the Mayor.

This position will be a one-year contract with the possibility of annual renewals. Depending upon experience and other qualifications, the salary range for this position is $140,000 to $180,000. The position is also eligible for medical, dental, and vision benefits.

Examples of Duties and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Key Functions and Requirements – Major tasks and duties include but are not limited to:

*Mission Advancement

-Oversee the Authority’s capital, liquidity, and credit risk to safeguard overall standings.

-Manage the Authority’s relationship with key stakeholders (and capital providers) in the government and private sectors.

-Manage the Authority’s issuance of bonds to private investors, including its relationship with rating agencies, underwriters, financial advisers and bond counsel.

-Manage the Authority’s extension of loans to pay for resilience related projects.

*Change Management

-Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Authority, and expand the scope of the Authority’s activities, programs, and services.

-Direct the modernization of the Authority, implementing new financial accounting systems, computerized processing systems, and business development methodologies.

-Create and implement innovative resilience related programs.

-Expand client base through targeted outreach to businesses, communities and not-for profits.

-Communicate effectively with communities on community needs, project identification, prioritization and implementation.

-Build a premiere organization within the City and County for financing the development of resilience infrastructure.

-Coordinate, receive guidance and provide information to the Board of Directors.

*Human Resources

-Oversee a team with a diverse background in program management, innovative finance, community outreach and relations, accounting and operations.

-Carry out leadership responsibilities in accordance with the Authority’s policies and applicable laws to include training employees, directing workflow, appraising performance, addressing complaints and succession planning.

-Recruit, retain, and develop best in class talent to support the Authority’s mission.

*Process Management

-Ensure the Authority has in place the systems, procedures, and resources required to fulfill its mandatory compliance and reporting requirements.

-Direct the creation of policies and procedures necessary for the operation of the Authority and implement all policies and procedures adopted by the Board of Directors and required by the City of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County.

-Assure compliance with all City and County rules and regulations.

-Coordinate all Board of Directors meetings.

*Financial Management

-Manage the Authority’s capital and earnings responsibly, so as to retain a high credit rating.

-Prepare annual operating budgets (and other long term financial plans) and present them to the Board.

-Request and administer grants as appropriate.

-Issue debt, as required, to leverage capital and fund mission-related loans.

-Lend responsibly to qualifying entities.

-Manage the investment of the Authority’s surplus cash to enhance returns while controlling duration and credit risk.

-Manage internal controls over financial management and reporting for the Authority and its programs.

*Relationship Management

-Act as the bridge between the Authority and external partners, clients and the City and County. Develop strong working relationships with external partners, clients, and the City and County.

-Promote and effectively communicate the Authority’s programs and accomplishments.

-Capably represent the Authority at official functions and meetings.

Minimum Qualifications
Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Economics, Environmental Science, Engineering, Law, Political Science or a related field (advanced degree or certification strongly preferred).

10+ years of relevant professional experience or demonstrated high level of success related to finance, law, public administration, environmental sustainability, environmental restoration and/or related area in government or the private sector.

5+ years of managerial experience or demonstrated ability to manage a diverse team at a government, financial or non-profit organization.

Supplemental Qualifications
Desired Skills

-Demonstrated experience managing large-scale projects, such as infrastructure projects, from concept through financing, approval and construction.

-Knowledge of innovative financial tools available for the funding of large-scale infrastructure projects.

-Working knowledge of stormwater, flood control or coastal adaptation and protection.

-Highly organized self-starter with the ability to manage projects with limited oversight.

-Strong leadership, management, supervision and interpersonal skills.

-Excellent verbal and written communications and oral presentation skills.

-Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders.

-Strong strategic thinking skills.

-Ability to make effective decisions by analyzing information and considering priorities.

-Excellent analytical, problem solving and evaluation skills.

-Demonstrated knowledge of public administration or corporate governance frameworks.

-Demonstrated experience in managing a large number of projects through a team of direct reports in a cross-functional environment.

-Strong computer skills including the full suite of Microsoft Office Programs.

Anne Arundel County
(410) 222-7595
Heritage Complex
2660 Riva Road, First Floor
Annapolis, Maryland, 21401