Organizational Overview: Earth Force is a national organization dedicated to expanding the engagement of young people in civic decision making to address environmental concerns. Members of the team pride themselves on our commitment to the mission and ability to meet challenges head on. Earth Force strives to create a workspace that is reflective, creative, responsive and collaborative. Successful team members are those who set high standards for themselves, are comfortable with both giving and receiving feedback, and are willing to support other team members. Our organization thrives on robust internal communication where successful team members are comfortable proactively engaging colleagues working virtually across the country.

Position Overview: This position is responsible for supporting Earth Force community partners in delivering programs across the U.S.. This includes identifying and building partnerships with organizations across the country and providing professional development and program support in a blended learning setting. We are looking for an experienced candidate who believes in engaging young people directly in our civic system as the means to develop environmentally aware and civically engaged people and has the ability to work with adults in nonprofit settings. The successful candidate has the ability to work independently while being a part of a virtual team and is able to work with people from a wide range of backgrounds. Because we are a virtual organization, team members must have access to a comfortable (and efficient) workspace in their home/community. The position requires a highly organized and dynamic leader and strategic thinker who has the initiative to grow, enhance, and maintain current programs in order to achieve the organization’s strategic goals.