Ecological Restoration and Management – Project Manager

Hiring Organization:
Ecological Restoration and Managment

Cockeysville MD

Application Deadline:
December 31, 2018

As Project Manager, your general responsibility will require you to act as the liaison between the office and field supervisors, performing the following duties:

Project Scheduling:
•Regularly review the general yearly/monthly “Projected Project Schedule” for new projects and updated scheduling changes.
•Work with Project Management Staff and Estimators to identify those projects with special scheduling needs (i.e. project deadlines, specific planting seasons etc.)
•Review individual project descriptions and scope, with Project Management Staff and Estimators, to get a handle on staffing, material, and incidental needs well in advance of the projected tentative start date.
•Using the above information, communicate with client and/or ER&M Project Management Staff to confirm that specific projects sites will be ready and available by the date tentatively set for work to commence (when necessary, this will require site visits to confirm site availability).
•Based on the information gleaned from the above tasks you will work with our Field Supervisor(s) to prepare, update, and implement weekly project schedules, including the allocation of manpower and equipment.

Project Management Assistance:
•Assist Project Managers in pricing and procuring needed materials and plants. Issue PO’s as necessary.
•Work with Field Supervisor (s) and Foremen to set up and schedule deliveries.
•Make sure production goals are clearly set, and understood, for each project. Monitor and evaluate production. Assist Supervisor(s) and Foremen in making sure goals are met.

Quality Control:
•Oversee and enforce Total Quality Control on all projects

Fleet/Equipment Maintenance:
•Identify and present equipment needs. Purchase tools etc. and assist owners in purchasing process for larger equipment/vehicles
•Track standard vehicle maintenance and work with Field Supervisor (s) to schedule
•Stay updated on DOT requirements and make sure ER&M remains in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Administrative Duties/Staffing:
•Review and submit weekly time sheets
•Insure that all required paperwork is properly filled out and handed into the office in a timely manner
•Identify field staffing needs. Conduct interviews for field labor and foremen. Work with Office Manager to hire (assist in gathering and verifying properly executed new hire forms and associated employee identification)
•Enforce ER&M Handbook rules and regulations. Take disciplinary action when required, and document thoroughly

Safety and Training:
•Understand and assist in the implementation of ER&M safety requirements and procedures.
•Enforce general safety program and documentation (tailgate meetings etc., equipment specific safety).
•Familiarize yourself with all “job-specific” safety programs. Review same with project Foremen, and monitor same to ensure that it is being correctly and consistently implemented.
•Help to develop and implement training program
•Work with Supervisor(s) to ensure proper training and “ER&M certification” of proficiency in individual equipment operation, before allowing any employee to operate said equipment (i.e. skidsteer, boat, hydroseeder, chainsaw, etc.).


To apply, please complete the attached application and send to: