Arundel Rivers Federation 2020 Watershed Restoration Internship

The Arundel Rivers Federation (previously the South River Federation), a watershed restoration and monitoring non-profit organization based in Edgewater, Maryland is seeking an intern for the summer of 2020. This is an office and field-based position, however the majority of work will be outdoors and at times in challenging conditions. The Federation is seeking candidates who have knowledge and experience in ecology, fisheries studies, conservation landscaping, stormwater and hydrology, and/or water quality monitoring, along with knowledge of and interest in the outdoors.

Applicant Requirements
The successful candidate will be a student or recent graduate of a two or four-year environmental/natural resource program, and/or have practical experience in fish sampling/studies, conservation landscaping, water quality monitoring, or a similar background. Candidates with a working knowledge of Microsoft Office (especially Excel) are preferred. Reliable transportation to and from the Federation office in Edgewater is required. Applicants must have a driver’s license and a clean driving record. A Certificate of Boating Safety Education is a plus but not required.

Internship Tasks and Objectives
This internship will provide an opportunity to gain direct experience with the analysis of local watershed issues, and the hands-on restoration and adaptive management and monitoring of watershed and habitat functions to the South, West, and Rhode River watersheds. Work will primarily be with Restoration and Monitoring staff, but the intern may occasionally work with other Federation staff, including the Executive Director and Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator, as needed. Primary intern tasks are:
• Participate as a crewmember in the Federation’s annual electrofishing study.
• Assist staff with volunteer events focused on project maintenance and plantings.
• Observe stream restoration and stormwater Best Management Practice construction.
• Assist staff with writing and assembling grant proposals.
• Work independently on restoration sites to perform tasks including installation of native plants, control of non-native plants, and other maintenance tasks as assigned.
Monitoring / RIVERKEEPER
• Assist with tidal water quality monitoring via boat in the South, West, and Rhode Rivers.
• Calibrate water quality monitoring equipment.
• Land-based collection of water samples for bacterial analysis.
• Periodic transcription of written data to Excel.
• Assist with installation and maintenance of water quality equipment at restoration sites.

Schedule, Compensation, and Standards
The internship timeframe is from mid-May through September 2020. Exact start and end dates within this timeframe are negotiable. The intern will have a flexible schedule to satisfy their other responsibilities.
Compensation for this internship is $12/hour for approximately 300 total hours. If academic credit is available or required for participation in this internship, we will gladly work with you in meeting the requirements for receiving credit.
Beyond lunch and personal transportation to the Federation’s office on workdays, we want to ensure that the intern does not incur any costs. The Federation vehicle will generally be available for transportation to and from work sites. If the Federation vehicle is not available, compensation for personal vehicle mileage to and from work sites is available. Sunscreen and insect repellent will be provided for outdoor work.

Required Gear
The intern will need to provide comfortable clothing for working outdoors in a variety of conditions, including hot weather, cool weather, and light rain. Close-toed shoes are required for outdoor work.
All necessary tools and Personal Protective Equipment (Personal floatation device, hard hat, high-visibility safety apparel, gloves, etc.) will be provided by the Federation.

To apply, please email your resume to David Lanier at by 5PM on Friday, March 6, 2020. Include your name and “Internship Application” in the title of the email.