Clean Air Partners is seeking an experienced educator to lead its On the Air education program. This is a one-year contract position in the amount of $60,000. The contract may be renewed for two additional 1-year periods.

This is an excellent opportunity for an individual that has a passion for educating students and teachers and is a creative, independent thinker.

Clean Air Partners is a public-private partnership that educates the greater metropolitan Baltimore-Washington region about the health risks associated with poor air quality and the impacts everyday actions have on the environment.  Clean Air Partners is entering its 15th year of educating students and providing professional development to teachers about air quality and climate issues in the environmental education sector across the metropolitan Washington D.C. and Baltimore regions. This is done through On the Air(link is external) – an interactive school curriculum for use in both the formal education and informal environmental education settings. To date, On the Air has been used to educate tens of thousands of students across the region.

The Education Program Manager will maintain and further develop Clean Air Partners educational program, expanding its outreach to students and teachers. The Education Program Manager will promote the use of the On the Air curriculum by teachers and will make presentations to groups as needed (e.g., in classroom, summer schools, camps, etc.) utilizing the activities in On the Air or developing new activities as needed. The successful candidate will have experience working with children in elementary, middle school, and high school, be enthusiastic, and experienced at making presentations to diverse classrooms in both urban and suburban settings in the metropolitan Baltimore-Washington region.


  • Minimum of 5 years of experience as an educator of elementary/middle/high school age children.
  • Minimum of a college Bachelor’s degree.
  • Be able to work independently.
  • Have own vehicle and be able to store and transport a variety of bulky materials needed for outreach in a variety of settings (classroom, summer camps, community events).
  • Computer literate, able to use programs such as MS Office, Constant Contact, and Survey Monkey.
  • Be flexible about hours. Must be available to do school outreach at least 2-3 days per week, including evenings and weekends.

Tasks to be performed:

Task 1: Promote the On the Air Curriculum (virtual and in-person)

  • Conduct regular outreach to schools, teachers and administrators evenly through-out the Baltimore-Washington region (2-3 per month or more).
  • Identify and develop partnerships and liaise with NGOs and local government organizations to maximize the promotion of the On the Air
  • Attend relevant teacher meetings, workshops, and conferences as resource person and as participant as needed. Serve on outreach committees as needed.
  • Present introductory classes and co-teach curriculum as needed. Provide orientation and instruction on use of materials as needed.
  • Promote the education program to a variety of audiences through afterschool programs, Saturday academies, science fairs, urban Green jobs initiatives, and the like.
  • Maintain and develop existing and new activities/contests for students, such the annual slogan and poster contests.

Task 2: Administer Clean Air Partners’ Educational Outreach

  • Maintain a list of school and summer camp contacts in Baltimore-Washington regions.
  • Present On the Air curriculum widely in the region and make presentations to at least one school in each county of the region.
  • Maintain education program materials and re-supply or create new ones as needed.
  • Participate in a monthly coordination call with Clean Air Partners Managing Director. As requested, attend Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings.
  • Write the education section of the Annual report.
  • Support educational component of Clean Air Partners event(s) and campaigns as approved by the Board.

Task 3: Measure, Access, and Evaluate Program

  • Survey teachers to gather teacher feedback on presentations as well as On the Air topics and effectiveness.
  • Prepare written progress reports on a monthly basis which include:
    • Indicators of Geographical Dissemination of outreach program.
    • Measures of the outreach activities to Teachers (e-mail, phone).
    • Measures of outreach to students- number of students that interacted with curriculum.
    • Maintain a master tracking sheet (schools, dates, number of students).

Task 4: Manage Part-Time Staff

  • As needed, train teacher fellows to do outreach as part of the summer program.
  • Coordinate teacher fellow presentations and schedules.
  • As needed, manage temporary staff to help administer the program, including updating the school contact lists.
  • Monitor and evaluate staff.

Task 5: Update and refresh activities for the On the Air Curriculum

  • In presentations, utilize the curriculum and include information such as the air quality index, health, local pollution, greenhouse gases, climate change, and relationship of air pollution to the Chesapeake Bay and trees.
  • As requested, identify and develop additional activities to support the in-school and summer outreach programs.

Task 6:  Develop and expand the education program

  • As opportunities arise, research and write a minimum of two grant proposals in collaboration with Clean Air Partners staff.
  • Develop new partnerships and collaborations to promote and expand the air quality education program.
  • Implement and manage new education projects as specified by sponsors/grants.

Task 7:  Website and Social Media

  • Provide content for the Clean Air Partners website and Facebook and Twitter social media sites.

Period of Performance

This is a one-year contract position in the amount of $60,000. The contract may be extended for up to two additional 1-year periods.

 How to Apply

If interested, please submit the following to Jen Desimone, Clean Air Partners Managing Director, at by December 23, 2021.


Interested parties should provide their professional credentials and expertise of the individual(s) that will work on this project. Relevant experience should be described. Resumes should be included.

Please address the following in your qualifications:

  • Demonstrated direct relevant experience of individual(s) as described in the position description.
  • Experience presenting science or environmental concepts to students and teachers.
  • Experience with the Baltimore and Washington region’s school systems.

Provide an affirmative statement that the key personnel provided for this project will be available for duration of the project. Local availability and/or travel requirements should also addressed.

Cost Requirements

Provide the hourly costs, including all expenses, and any travel and other direct costs that may be incurred and charged for providing the tasks described above. Include hourly rates and number of hours per week for any individual(s) that will work on the project.


Provide at least three (3) references that may be contacted regarding similar work performed. Letters of reference from previous employers or clients may be provided. Names, titles, addresses, telephone numbers, and emails should be included for each reference. Since this requires work with schools and students, a background check will be required.