The Environmental Finance Center (EFC) at the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Maryland’s School of the Built Environment, is one of ten University-based centers across the country providing communities with the tools and information necessary to manage change for a healthy environment and an enhanced quality of life.

It will be the primary responsibility of this position to provide program development, project management, and outreach leadership that supports and expands the EFC’s programs and communications efforts. In keeping with the EFC’s mission of strengthening the capacity of local decision-makers to analyze environmental problems, develop innovative and effective methods of financing environmental efforts, and educating communities about the role of finance and economic development in the protection of the environment, this position will focus on the following tasks and responsibilities:

Program Administration and Management
• Develop work plans, reports, and supporting documents per project administration.
• Execute data management and performance tracking.
• Produce original quantitative and qualitative analysis on a variety of issues including water quality, resilience, finance, and community sustainability.
• Work with EFC’s Director to ensure proper processing of all grants and contracts.
• Monitor and manage all aspects of assigned project and program activities to ensure successful program outcomes, including tracking and maintaining all documentation related to project budgets and reporting requirements.
• Follow and adhere to current guidelines issued by the University and agreements with funders and sponsors.
• Research topics relevant to select projects and programs and brief EFC staff and sponsors on findings.
• Manage multiple projects at once and quickly transition between tasks.

Program Development
• Research and pursue state, federal, and private funding opportunities related to a variety of environmental issues including water quality, resilience, finance, and community sustainability.
• Manage all aspects of grant applications per funder and University guidelines.
• Build partnerships and develop relationships that will enhance the technical resources and knowledge available to EFC.
• Assist EFC Director in the development of general EFC grants if needed.

Outreach and Technical Assistance
• Develop a broad range of technical understanding on current regulatory and policy issues related to water quality, sustainability, climate mitigation, and resiliency in the Mid-Atlantic.
• Represent EFC at various events and functions.
• Provide content for EFC marketing materials such as website development, fact sheets, and press releases, annual reports, etc.
• Promote collaboration and cooperation with other organizations including local, state, and federal agencies, non-profits, private businesses, and others.
• Improve awareness and understanding of the mission of the EFC through community outreach projects, events, and activities.

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