The Chesapeake Watershed Semester, operated by the Gunston School, is accepting applications for teachers for the 2018-2019 school year.  Program website:

The Chesapeake Watershed Semester is a unique opportunity for highly motivated high school juniors or seniors to join a talented community of learners who will immerse themselves in the study and restoration of the Chesapeake Bay for one semester.  Through dynamic and diverse field-study Expeditions, students travel the region meeting with stakeholders and conducting research.  From our waterfront campus, students take honors and AP level classes while maintaining an intense, hands-on engagement with the natural environment.


We seek a dynamic, energetic, and student-centered lead teacher to help launch the new Chesapeake Watershed Semester.  The primary responsibilities of the position include teaching two courses, American Government Seminar and Literature of the Land and Water during the fall “experiential” semester, and environmental humanities electives for The Gunston School during the spring semester.  We seek candidates who can utilize an array of experiential and student-centered instructional strategies that promote both rigorous intellectual thinking and meaningful engagement.  As one of two lead teachers for the fall program, we seek individuals with strong organizational management skills, willingness to tackle projects large and small, creativity, flexibility, and a passion for both the environment and the humanities.

Candidates applying for teaching positions should have at least ONE of the following academic qualifications:

  • Undergraduate or Master’s degree in a relevant content area (i.e. English, Political Science, Environmental Studies)
  • 2+ years teaching experience preferred

Additionally, candidates should possess advanced technical skills and be able to lead in at least ONE of the following activity areas:

  • Open water kayaking
  • Small craft boating
  • Backpacking (5-6 days in remote locations)

This is a paid, annual position with the opportunity for contract extensions each year.  The teacher will have residential life and expedition duties during the fall Chesapeake Watershed Semester.  During the pilot year, 2018-2019, the Chesapeake Watershed Semester will only run in the fall semester.  Teachers applying for this position will teach at our parent institution, The Gunston School, during the spring semester.  

Curious about the Chesapeake Watershed Semester?  Check out our website.

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