Job Summary

The District Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE) is seeking to hire an Environmental Protection Specialist to work on green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) maintenance.  The incumbent will be a part of the newly created GSI maintenance team within the Watershed Protection Division, and will oversee grants and contracts to train District residents to maintain GSI and perform maintenance on all District owned and District installed stormwater infrastructure.

Job ID: 14035

Duties and Responsibilities 

Maintaining GSI keeps these facilities in top condition so that they can treat and infiltrate stormwater pollution which improves water quality in local rivers and streams and recharges the groundwater table.  The incumbent will play a critical role leading the GSI maintenance efforts that help the District keep its GSI in optimal condition thereby keeping the city in compliance with its municipal separate storm sewer system permit requirements and Chesapeake Bay Program Agreements.  Applying for and reporting on federal grants is one component of this position. Training in and knowledge of hydrology, green infrastructure techniques, BMP maintenance, and watershed restoration, is desired.

At a CS-12 level, the position requires significant grants and contract management experience, including writing scopes of work, managing grants and contracts, reviewing and approving invoices, and reviewing and reporting on grant and contract deliverables. The incumbent should have experience managing all phases of green stormwater infrastructure maintenance including planning, assessment of facilities, solicitation development and selection, inter-agency coordination, repair or rehabilitation, inspection of work and payment of invoices. The position involves significant interaction with District landowners and engaging with the public to educate them about green infrastructure and to address complaints and concerns. A background in engineering, biology, environmental science, and/or ecology is desired.

About DOEE

The mission of the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) is to protect and restore the environment, conserve natural resources, and improve the quality of life in the District of Columbia. As the nation’s capital city, the District will become a model of environmental protection and sustainable environmental practices. In partnership with other District agencies, the federal government, business groups, non-profit organizations, and residents, the department will help instill environmental awareness through innovation and best practices.