The Capital Resource Conservation & Development Council (Capital RC&D) is a locally led nonprofit that strives to improve the quality of life in our region by working with stakeholders to protect the natural resources and economic vitality of our community. Serving South Central Pennsylvania in Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, and York counties, our office is located in Carlisle, PA. Additional information about the organization can be seen at www.capitalrcd.org .

Our current programs:
• Assisting the USDA/NRCS by providing technical support for farm bill programs. This effort involves staff recruitment and administrative support for 19 employees in 2022.
• Capital RC&D leads an effort to provide support to landowners to enable them to convert to rotational grazing and/or better manage their grazing land. We do this in collaboration with our counties’ agricultural agencies and NGOs, with a focus on complementing NRCS programs. This support includes coordination of a peer-to-peer farmer advisor program; farmer financial assistance and administration of the state-wide, Pennsylvania Grazing Lands Coalition (PA GLC).
• Agriculture Best Management Practice (Ag BMP) status surveys which enable partners to better understand the current status of Ag BMP use in support of Pennsylvania’s clean water goals. This includes coordinating two annual surveys of cover cropping and high residue tillage practices in the Chesapeake Bay counties with the help of the county conservation districts and short-term highly qualified technical employees. In addition, Capital RC&D provides technical staffing for the verification of existing Ag BMPs and additional technical assistance for Ag BMP work in our region.
• Working with farmers to evaluate and monitor the carbon sequestration impact from soil conservation practices for carbon credit development.

Position Description:

The Executive Director is a full-time employee of Capital RC&D and is responsible for the overall mission, planning, administration and management of the organization as well as the management of all Capital RC&D staff. The Executive Director leads the organization in collaboration with the Board of Directors ensuring that planning for the short term and long-term viability of the organization is addressed and that all programs and activities of the organization serve the organization’s mission and comply with all organizational policies and legal requirements. The position is grant supported with anticipation of continued funding. This is an exempt position, based on a 40-hour work week.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Executive Leadership
• Administer the operational policies of the organization and oversee support for the mission.
• Report program outcomes and updates to appropriate board committees for evaluation.
• Work with the board to plan, develop, prioritize and implement the Capital RC&D Strategic Plan.
• Work with the board to conduct education and outreach to stakeholders and others and oversee the value and maintenance of the Capital RC&D website and other communication tools.
• Assure staff support for board committees and other Council operations.
• Build positive relationships with partner organizations, funders and other stakeholders, and
serve as the liaison between these groups and the Capital RC&D Board.
• Lead and manage fund development efforts with the support and guidance of the board.

Organizational Management
• Support new project development including grant writing, partner development and fund
identification in support of the mission of the organization.
• Identify and develop partnerships with organizations and businesses that can provide technically
superior and efficient program implementation.
• Develop and monitor project and program work plans, budgets and staff needs in collaboration
with the appropriate board committees.
• Supervise Capital RC&D employees, interns and short-term labor.
• Project Management to assign and oversee tasks for partners and all staff.
• Project implementation as needed.


The preferred candidate shall have bachelor’s degree in a field related to agriculture and/or natural resources, but a candidate with similar work experience shall be considered. A minimum of five years of experience in non-profit management and program implementation are required along with experience in financial management and budgeting. Applicants must demonstrate knowledge of and work experience with issues and technologies associated with natural resource conservation and demonstrate superior leadership and organizational management skills. Excellent oral and written communications skills and the ability to communicate well with grantors, subcontractors, partners and board members are also required. Computer proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, website development, QuickBooks, etc. is also required. A valid driver’s license is required.