This position will involve assistance with all aspects of oyster hatchery duties. Applicants should be familiar with oyster broodstock conditioning and spawning, larval rearing, spat production and settlement assessment, seed production, mass algae production, long-line oyster farming, and have at least two full seasons of experience in a production scale oyster hatchery. Familiarity with particle counting technology and instrumental analysis of water samples for alkalinity is preferred but not required. Applicants should have the ability to multitask, as the hatchery is a fast-paced environment. Special consideration will be given to individuals with experience in larval culture, settlement assessment, automated algal feeding systems, and a background in database entry. Self-motivation and willingness to work productively are a must.

Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Daily maintenance of shellfish larval cultures, algal stocks, and spat tanks.
  • Perform routine animal husbandry including spawning, larval counts, tank cleaning, spat counts, setting tank management, seed operations, longline management, and larval and algal culture maintenance.
  • Will be tasked with training and managing new interns.Please visit the website for more information.