FEMA’s Office of Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation is announcing an exciting opportunity in its Policy Branch:  a federal job focused on environmental compliance at FEMA headquarters (in DC, near L’Enfant Plaza).  This “Policy Generalist” position is at the IC-12 level (compensation is at the GS-12 level).  It is funded using a hiring authority FEMA calls “CORE” (see attached for details) that permits appointment “not to exceed 2 years,” with possible extensions in 2 year increments.  To apply, you must submit your resume directly to portia.ross@fema.dhs.gov  by 11:59pm, on Dec. 17 , 2018.

This position is described in more detail in the attached announcement.  The Policy Generalist supports development of policy and guidance materials for FEMA staff who implement FEMA’s Environmental and Historic Preservation (EHP) legal compliance responsibilities.  For example, the person in the position could support drafting and revision of guidance materials for compliance with various EHP requirements including, but not limited to, the National Environmental Policy Act, the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, Environmental Justice, etc.  The position also takes a leading role in administering OEHP’s Policy Working Group, a team of FEMA EHP field practitioners based across the country who contribute their hands-on experience to developing and refining national level guidance and policy.

Please help spread the word, including the pending deadline of 11:59 pm on 12/17.  Thank you!