Part-time, approx. 25-30 hours/week
Location: Glen Arm, MD.

Job Title: Forest School Guide/Lead Teacher
Employment type: Part-time
Reports to: Notchcliff Program Director
Regular hours: TBD based on scheduling needs
Location: Glen Meadows Retirement Community, Glen Arm, MD (fully outdoors)

Our playful, immersive outdoor program is a wonderful way for children to make lasting
connections with the natural world as part of their home school study. Essential social,
emotional, cognitive, and physical skills grow as does a genuine love for nature. We
cultivate gratitude, empathy, and appreciation of our diverse community and we honor
our elders through an intergenerational approach with residents at Glen Meadows
Retirement Community. Position works with children ages birth through ten years,
depending on the class. This is a project of the Eastern Region Association of Forest and
Nature Schools ( Learn more at
The goals of Notchcliff Nature Programs are:

● To honor young children as independent, capable thinkers through
child-directed, experiential, place-based approaches to learning;
● To engage in a rhythm of reflection, inquiry, observation, trial-and-error,
risk-taking, perseverance, discussion, problem-solving, expression, and
teamwork through a balance of emergent curriculum, intentional activities, and
unstructured nature play;
● To offer opportunities for children to explore identity in the context of nature
and the larger community, while cultivating kindness, empathy, compassion,
and gratitude; and
● To model best practices and approaches to nature-based early childhood

Job description
Lead teacher works closely with a co-teacher and children to facilitate outdoor classes
with children. Tasks include thoughtful curriculum design based on children’s emergent
interests, on-going reflection about and assessment of children and the forest school
program, and collaboration with other teachers and/or volunteers. Lead teacher will
manage support staff and/or volunteers as needed. Lead teachers set the tone for
learning as engaged, enthusiastic role models of nature-based education while
maintaining a safe, positive atmosphere.
This position requires a blend of qualifications that span having sound knowledge about
early childhood education as well as nature-based pedagogy. Candidates should possess
curiosity, if not deep understanding, of the local ecosystem with a commitment to helping
young children develop their ecological identities through inquiry and play.
Position requires personal and programmatic reflection, collaboration with teachers and
parents, open dialogue about children’s progress, and interfacing with Glen Meadows
Retirement Community partners and residents. Position may also include writing content,
providing data, or other supplemental information to assist in the grant-writing process.
Specific targets and goals for grant tracking and evaluation may also be required.

The ideal candidate will:
● Be passionate about educating children in nature.
● Be self-motivated and self-directed with the flexibility to work independently and
collaboratively as part of a team.
● Have strong leadership abilities and excellent interpersonal skills, organizational,
and time-management skills.
● Be a skilled communicator, guided by a desire to listen to and speak
compassionately with both children and adults.
● Feel comfortable and confident about meeting the needs of children outdoors in all

Primary Job Responsibilities:
● Responsible for planning and facilitating immersive outdoor experiences for young
children. This includes maintaining a safe, loving environment with safety routines
that protect yet empower children, including policies to safeguard against the
spread of illness.
● Nurture individualized needs of children while managing whole group experiences
and unstructured play in the forest.
● Daily set-up/break-down of forest classroom (hands-washing station, fire ring, toilet
tent, etc.).
● Utilize an emergent curriculum plan, daily ‘sketch of the day’ based on children’s
and seasonal interests, and refer to Maryland Early Learning Standards as relevant.
● Participate in various community-building initiatives with staff and local partners.
● Manage materials and equipment; request/order new materials as needed.
● Participate in authentic child assessment, self-evaluation, and program evaluation.
● Other duties that support families, children, and staff will also be assigned as

Collaborative duties with fellow staff:

● Document learning processes in many formats (written documentation, photos,
videos, Storypark app, content for blog/FB posts, Instagram, ERAFANS website,
● Provide positive guidance to children in navigating their social interactions with
peers and adults.
● Maintain friendly yet professional interpersonal communication skills with children,
families, fellow staff and volunteers.
● Participate in staff meetings and on-going professional development.
● Implement community events (IE. Open Houses) for prospective families.

Essential Experience & Education
● Possess or in pursuit of bachelor’s degree in nature-based early childhood
education, environmental studies, outdoor education, natural history, biology,
elementary education, or closely related field
● Minimum of two years of experience leading outdoor education programs, with
emphasis on coyote mentoring, directional teaching, flow learning, and
emergent outdoor learning approaches (preferred)
● Hold valid credentials to work in an MSDE-licensed preschool program (90-hour
● Possess the following credentials, certifications, or licenses: Current first aid and
CPR credentials (Wilderness First Responder preferred)
● Must pass background check, child abuse clearances, and drug test before
starting employment
● Experience working with young children as appropriate for the classes you will
● Physically able to hike, carry gear, and carry a small child if needed (up to 50 lbs)
● Naturalist background with knowledge of local ecology, flora, and fauna; Master
Gardener or Master Naturalist certification (not required but preferred)
*The 90-hour certificate is made up of two 45-hour courses: one called Human
Growth/Child Development and one called Curriculum Development/Materials and
Methods (offered in person and online). Please indicate if you have or are pursuing this
qualification; some teachers take these when they begin work with us. These are
required to work in our forest preschool.

Classes are entirely outdoors, so you must be experienced and eager to facilitate outdoor
learning in all seasons.

Most Desirable Qualities:
● Love of children
● Love of nature
● A strong work ethic with a track record of being reliable, honest, and kind
● Ability to laugh, remain calm, and persevere when faced with challenges
● Patient, positive disposition
● Eager to grow and learn with others

Additional Skills & Training
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills
● Proficient in Microsoft Office programs including Outlook, Word, Excel, and
● Proficient use of social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and FaceBook
● Excited to lead outdoor programs in all kinds of weather
● Flexible mindset and positive attitude
● Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team

This is a part-time, hourly position with a pay range between $17-18/hour.
How to Apply
This job description offers guidelines for the position, not hard and fast rules. If you have
75% of the qualifications listed, we encourage you to apply! Send your resume and three
references to Monica Wiedel-Lubinski, If hired, you will complete a
background check, fingerprinting, and formal application of employment.

Equal Opportunity Statement
We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We recruit, employ, train, compensate,
and promote regardless of race, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, sex (including
pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity (including gender nonconformity and status
as a transgender or transsexual individual), age, physical or mental disability, citizenship,
genetic information, past, current, or prospective service in the uniformed services, or any
other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state, or local law. Persons from
Indigenous, Latinx, African-American and other diverse racial or cultural backgrounds are
encouraged to apply. If you have a disability and require accommodation or assistance with
our online application process, please contact us so we can help.