Position Summary: The Habitat Restoration Manager will assist and lead The Natural Garden team in invasive plant controls, meadow and habitat installations and management, native plant installations, and various ecological landscape installation tasks. The position requires someone able to take on responsibility and work efficiently and safely with attention to detail. The position benefits from someone with 1) a background in ecological restoration, horticulture, botany, and/or environmental science, and 2) a passion for environmental stewardship. 


Job Responsibilities:  

  • Complete, manage, and assist with habitat restoration activities; herbicide applications; meadow, savanna, and reforestation installations; and stream restoration and stormwater installation projects. Build out habitat restoration and stormwater installation division in 2023 & 2024.
  • For the above, the following should be expected be performed alone or as the lead of a team:
  • Conduct habitat-focused field research, site analysis, vegetation surveys (identification of native and non-native / invasive species) and mapping of existing site conditions 
  • Research appropriate methods and develop plans, designs, and project proposals using MS Word, MS Excel, and other company software
  • Procure and prepare necessary resources for projects (e.g., coir matting / erosion fabric, seed mixes, native perennials, woody plants, equipment, etc.) and maintain records of all supplies/applications 
  • Safely complete site clearing and follow-up monitoring; invasive species controls and removal; tree felling, stump grinding, brush hogging and selective mowing; seeding and planting according to design; selective herbicide applications; erosion and sediment controls and remediation; and assistance with controlled burns
  • Develop safe and functional knowledge to use and maintain all non-power and power tools and equipment used in all tasks (e.g., sprayers, tractors, seeders, trucks, and trailers, etc.)
  • Professional and timely communication with clients (in-person, as well as by voice, text, and email) 
  • Consistently communicate with management on project status, fulfill data entry tasks, and assist with invoice creation/billing
  • Support the Nursery, Planting & Maintenance, and Landscape Construction divisions as needed


Job Responsibilities: Collaboration with Management and Field Teams:

  • Cooperate with administrative, design, nursery, planting, landscape, maintenance, and service teams to manage client expectations, budgets, procurement, schedules, reporting, and client communications
  • Provide positive leadership to ensure that workmates understand client goals
  • Coordinate with clients, vendors, suppliers, external consultants/resources, and subcontractors
  • Engage in strategic planning sessions with management and build out division


Supervisory Relationships: This position collaborates with Hardscape and Ecological Landscaping Managers and regularly communicates with the Owner and reports to General Manager.