WHO: Council Fire is a global change agency enabling purpose-driven organizations to thrive by maximizing economic, social and environmental value. We’re business-minded sustainability and communications experts who help clients tackle complex opportunities through visioning and research, strategy, meaningful stakeholder engagement, and creative communications that inspire action. As an award-winning B Corporation, we’re leveraging business as a force for good and helping to build an economy that works for all.  

WHAT: Our Internship Program exists to train the next generation of sustainability leaders. Openings are available throughout the year. While generally unpaid, financial compensation may be available depending on the particular internship. With students, we often can structure the experience to qualify for academic credit. We’re focused on equity and believe deeply in diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, nationality and all the other fascinating characteristics that make our community great. Our Program is a welcoming and inclusive opportunity for passionate individuals to gain experience in a field of limited accessible entry points. We encourage Black, Indigenous, and non-Black People of Color to apply, and welcome all applicants regardless of social identity such as race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity and expression, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, and socioeconomic background. 

Our internships tend to be focused on either Communications or Sustainability services; occasionally interns will work on both. Applicants interested in a Communications Internship need not have experience or expertise in sustainability consulting or the sectors outlined below – bring your communications skills and learn the content as you go.  

Depending on active projects at the time, Interns will perform client-facing and/or internal business management tasks matched to their skills and interests, such as: 

  • Research, writing and database management
  • Event planning and logistics
  • Communications, marketing, and social media support
  • Business development support

QUALIFICATIONS: This opportunity is appropriate for students, entry-level professionals seeking diversified experience, and those whose passions have led to relevant and meaningful work, volunteer, and life experience that doesn’t include extensive formal education. Clearly articulate how your unique set of skills and experiences has prepared you for the professional, fast-paced role outlined below and you will be considered!

The ideal candidate possesses many of the following attributes:

  • Combined work, life, and educational experience to be able to hold your own operating in a complex industry and interacting with sustainability experts 
  • Passion for justice, equity, diversity, belonging and using business as a force for good
  • Self-starter who takes initiative and demonstrates entrepreneurial thinking
  • Strong ability to balance several simultaneous projects and work independently, sometimes with limited supervision
  • Strong research, writing and organizational skills
  • Some social media management and/or event planning experience
  • Tech literate and proficient with Google/G-Suite tools (or demonstrated ability to learn new tools and platforms)
  • Available a minimum of 10 hours per week during the internship timeframe 
  • Located in the DC/Baltimore metro area (although distant candidates are considered under the right circumstances)

APPLYING: Traditional hiring processes have many opportunities for unconscious biases to influence decision making. While no system is perfect, the name-blind process outlined below is our attempt to remove opportunities for bias from early stages of the application process. It takes a little more time on your end to draft a specific response, and more time on our end to add steps to the process, but we feel it is worth it and hope you agree. 

To be considered, please complete this application form. It includes short answer questions allowing you to express your experience, strengths, and interests without providing information that is most often associated with unconscious bias. The form does not ask for your name, location, and the like – just a phone number. If we feel your responses demonstrate potential as a good fit, we’ll call you to request additional information. 

All questions should be directed to apply@councilfire.org.