The Department of Natural Resources, Tidewater Ecosystem Assessment (TEA) Division, a national leader in ecological assessment, is currently accepting applications for a Natural Resources Biologist IV position in the Water Quality Assessment group. TEA is an interdisciplinary group that utilizes an assessment and research driven approach to monitor Chesapeake and Coastal Bays tidal water and habitat quality and restoration.

This position is located in our Annapolis, MD headquarters. The Monitoring Integration group focuses on analysis of tidal and non-tidal water quality data collection and analysis from a statewide network of continuous monitors and its integration with high frequency spatial mapping and long-term fixed station monitoring for purposes of water quality criteria and habitat assessments.

The main purpose of this position is to compile, analyze, and interpret tidal and non-tidal water quality, flow, and natural resources data to assess the State’s progress towards meeting the new Chesapeake Bay Agreement goals and objectives for protecting and restoring water quality and living resources habitats; manage, direct, and coordinate monitoring programs; organize and direct technical research studies to evaluate ongoing monitoring programs; prepare reports, tables, and figures that interpret and convey results of statistical analyses; investigate problems associated with water quality and living resources analyses and integrate findings into Chesapeake Bay-wide indicators used to guide management and restoration actions.