This is an entry-level position. The incumbent of this position will learn to perform duties in the field of environmental regulatory compliance. This position is an environmental program specialist in the Compliance Program.  The main purpose of this position is to learn to determine compliance with and enforce the General Permit for Industrial Stormwater and perform outreach assistance to MS4 permittees.  The incumbent will learn the process of environmental compliance through exposure to and interaction with other programs within Maryland Department of the Environment, Water and Science Administration.  At the entry-level, a strong emphasis is placed on compliance procedures and policies, rather than enforcement actions.

The incumbent of this position duties involves exposure to uncomfortable or unpleasant surroundings during inspections at scrap metal yards, sewage treatment plants, and other industrial and municipal facilities that may encounter pungent and other unpleasant odors.  This position involves field work and the incumbent will be required to perform work in inclement weather. Consultations conducted in the field may require climbing over spoil piles, through rock-lined ditches, crossing stream, etc. The incumbent may be exposed to hazardous conditions which may result in injury when performing duties such as, walking over rough surfaces and terrain on examining sediment traps, stormwater ponds, handling chemical testing agents and samples which may potentially exposes personnel to serious physical impairment. The incumbent of this position is required to wear protective equipment such as goggles, steel toe boots, and hard hats.