The Resource Conservation Planner (Planner IV) position involves high-level professional planning work in the field of local, regional and state planning. The Resource Conservation Planner supports the Department’s responsibilities in resource conservation and management, including brownfield redevelopment, environmental planning, water resource management, land preservation, Chesapeake Bay restoration, and climate change issues. The position also coordinates and administers the intergovernmental review of plans, projects and programs related to proposed federal and state property or development and for financial assistance requests for federal and state funds. The position requires knowledge of federal, state and local land use, environmental, community development, and growth management policies and programs. The position is responsible for, independently and in cooperation with others, administering or implementing major and complex projects.

Position Duties include:

Brownfield redevelopment planning – serve as a liaison to connect local governments and others to technical and financial assistance organizations. Serve as a resource to coordinate assistance efforts and provide planning guidance to facilitate the success of brownfield redevelopment projects and encourage new projects. Increase awareness of brownfield redevelopment technical and financial assistance opportunities.

Maryland Intergovernmental Review and Coordination (MIRC) process – coordinate and facilitate the review of plans, projects and programs related to the reuse or redevelopment or new development of federal and state property within Maryland to comply with the state’s intergovernmental review and coordination requirements. The MIRC process ensures that funding and development authorities are aware of comments and concerns from state and local officials. Coordinate and facilitate the review of requests for federal and state financial assistance within Maryland.

Water Resource Management – serve as Planning’s water and sewer planning central resource; lead Planning’s guidance and review effort of local government Water Resource Elements; and assist with other water resource responsibilities, such as Septic’s Law implementation. Provide training, guidance and review tools for regional planners and other relevant staff to ensure their success in reviewing water and sewer plans and amendments. Support local government efforts to develop Water Resource Elements that ensure the success of local development plans while protecting water resources.

Land preservation and climate change – Support Agency responsibilities with regard to Planning’s land preservation and climate change initiatives.

A strong environmental planning background is essential along with knowledge of local and State governmental regulations. Excellent analytical and research skills required. Ability to learn quickly, retain information, manage multiple projects simultaneously, and be efficient and productive with minimal supervision.