Organization Description:
Irvine Nature Center is a non-profit educational organization that offers programs of environmental studies and natural science to children and adults of the greater Baltimore area. Our mission is to educate and inspire current and future generations to explore, respect and protect nature.

Internship Position Description:
This internship is UNPAID, but eligible for academic or course credit if approved by your educational institution. Take part in a research study at Irvine on the relationship between plants and pollinators. Monitor the flowering times of different native plants at Irvine and the pollinators that use them. Involves collecting native bees for study and use of microscope. The candidate will learn different methods of insect collection and identification to family and genus. Take part in a citizen science project to monitor the impacts of climate change. Candidate will also help to create educational materials on pollinators and plants.

Position Responsibilities:
• Regular monitoring of different stages of selected plants at Irvine (buds, flowers, seeds etc.)
• Collection of native bees and recording numbers visiting different plant species
• Pin, mount and identify species – work with the National Bee Monitoring Laboratory on bee identification
• Enter data into national databases and produce reports
• Help create educational materials

• Self-motivated and able to work independently
• Able to walk up to 2 miles on trails
• Able to use microscope and perform fine work pinning
• Some background knowledge of insects or plants preferred

• Flexible but a minimum of 8 hours/week is required
• Must have Monday – Friday availability
• Able to work partly when pollinators are most active (late morning and early afternoon)

Project Details:
• Learn about different pollinators and basic bee identification
• Learn different research study techniques
• Opportunity to develop educational materials and reports

TO APPLY: Please fill out the Volunteer Application on our website at before sending your resume and three references to our Volunteer Coordinator, Maggie Winkler, at