Arundel Rivers Federation seeks a full-time Outreach Coordinator to design and deliver environmental education and community engagement opportunities for groups of all ages across our watersheds.

The Outreach Coordinator will manage all facets of Arundel Rivers’ outreach and education programs in an effort to connect communities of all ages to their lands and their waters. The ideal candidate will have a passion for environmental education and community outreach efforts and experience designing and coordinating outreach, volunteer, and education events, as well as applying for grant funding to support events and programs.

About Arundel Rivers Federation:

Arundel Rivers is located in Edgewater, Maryland just minutes away from historic Annapolis on a peninsula surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Arundel Rivers works with communities through science-based environmental restoration, advocacy, and public policy to preserve, protect, and renew the South, West, and Rhode Rivers and associated tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay. We envision clean, fishable, swimmable waterways for current and future generations.


Connecting Communities to their Lands and Waters – Arundel Rivers has always worked with communities across the South, West, and Rhode River watersheds to deliver cutting-edge environmental restoration projects that improve landscapes, water quality, and communities. Arundel Rivers believes all communities should be partners in this restoration effort. The Outreach Coordinator will work closely with the Restoration Director to design community outreach and volunteer events for residents and community organizations nearby restoration sites. These events should connect communities to their watersheds in tangible ways and foster long-term relationships between communities and Arundel Rivers. A special emphasis will be placed upon connecting with historically underserved communities and groups so that all communities can be a part of their clean water future.

Designing Environmental Experiences – Arundel Rivers believes that environmental education of our youth and young adults is essential to creating a long-term restoration movement for our rivers. The Outreach Coordinator will work closely with the Restoration Director and Riverkeeper to design and conduct on-the-land and on-the-water environmental experiences that will leave lasting impressions on our youth and young adults.

Being Present in our Communities – Our watersheds are covered by active community, neighborhood, and civic organizations. The Outreach Coordinator will manage a calendar of relevant events across our communities, attend many of the events on behalf of Arundel Rivers, and organize attendance by other staff as appropriate.

Applying for Funding – In coordination with the Executive Director and the Development and Communications Director, the Outreach Coordinator will seek funding in the form of grants and donations from businesses and family foundations to support Arundel Rivers’ outreach and education programs.

Designing Outreach and Educational Materials – The Outreach Coordinator will work with staff to design outreach materials and educational signage for events and restoration projects using graphic design software. The Outreach Coordinator will also assist staff in social media and website communications as necessary to highlight Arundel Rivers’ outreach and education programs.

Work Schedule: The position will work an average of 40 hours per week. There will be frequent evening and weekend work attending and organizing volunteer, education, and outreach events. Telework and flexible schedules are supported and encouraged.