This is an entry level position. And a crash course in responsible landscaping, stormwater management etc.

Bona Terra is a small family run urban landscape design, maintenance, and installation business that specializes in artistic installations, bay-friendly rain gardens, conservation planting, and careful maintenance. We prioritize organic, sustainable practices and protecting the local watershed. We are a creative group of artists, musicians, and writers, and support each other in those endeavors.

Crew members install rain gardens, conservation planting, and conduct landscape maintenance on residential properties. Usually working in teams of 2 or 3 people.

Applicants should be able to safely perform heavy lifting, pushing, pulling of various landscaping equipment and materials including, but not limited to, backpack blowers, large containers of mulch/plant material, and rototiller. Safely operate equipment with all necessary personal protective gear. Proper use of hand tools, shovels, pick axes, brooms, etc. Identify Miss Utility markings and participate in responsible digging. Provide information to crew leader or project foreman for tracking hours and materials. Keep work sites and home base neat and clean.

Any experience in outdoor building, gardening and/or carpentry is a plus. Ability to read a scale drawing, understand cross-section designs and build according to a plan is also a plus.

Employees will be asked to:
Lift and carry up to 50 lbs.
Bend and kneel up to 9 hours a day.
Walk up to 8 miles a day, sometimes uphill and on uneven terrain, often while carrying, pushing, or pulling equipment, materials, and debris.
Safely load and unload vehicles.

Employees are expected to maintain a positive attitude and respond to clients and co-workers with respect and kindness; continually increase knowledge about sustainable landscape practices, plant biology, taxonomy, propagation, conditions and maintenance, and/or study stonework, building.

This is outdoor residential contract work, so we work as much as we can in the spring, summer, and fall. Winter work (Jan-Feb) is scarce, we try to make up for it in the spring and fall. Pay will be negotiable, based on experience and previous employment. Time and a half is paid for any hours in the week over 40. You earn 1 hour sick leave per 87 hours worked.

Valid driver’s license and smart phone with data plan preferred. To apply, please send your resume to