The Organization: Founded in 1965, the Rachel Carson Council (RCC) is the organization that, before her death from breast cancer, Rachel Carson asked her friends and colleagues to form to continue her work. Today, the RCC’s mission carries on Carson’s extraordinary legacy and ecological ethic combining scientific concern for the environment and human health with a sense of reverence and wonder for all forms of life in order to build a more sustainable, just, and peaceful future.

The RCC is a growing and respected voice at the grassroots and on Capitol Hill. We are committed to environmental and climate justice through education, organizing and advocacy – especially the RCC Campus Network of sixty-six colleges and universities and thousands of students, staff, faculty and administrators thirty undergraduate RCC Fellows selected nationwide who work on RCC projects and campaigns from their respective campuses.

The Position: The RCC seeks an aspiring, creative, committed and flexible environmental leader at the beginning of their career willing to help expand and innovate at a small, but growing organization. The ideal candidate will combine the imagination, empathy and writing of Rachel Carson with her dedication to advocacy through bringing science and solutions to the public and policy makers.

The Research and Policy Associate will report directly to the Director of Policy and Programs who works in close collaboration with the President & CEO. The position is designed for an emerging environmental and environmental justice leader with outstanding promise to assist with research, organizing, and advocacy for RCC environmental justice work and its Coasts and Ocean Program at the Federal, state, and local. The Associate will also be responsible for reviewing, posting and producing the RCC Coasts and Oceans Observer. The Research and Policy Associate will also enhance and expand RCC outreach, visibility, and membership growth through effective communications strategies. Exact areas of concentration will depend on the strengths and experience of the person hired and will likely shift as the position and the organization grow.


Track proceedings in the House and Senate to help inform RCC’s priorities in the policy agenda; attend legislative hearings, write memos, and send weekly updates to RCC staff regarding relevant issues.

Write and publish reports, articles, Op-Eds, policy briefs and papers for the RCC on its issues to include placement in other media outlets, journals, magazines, etc.

Speak publicly for the organization through lectures, workshops, rallies, and in the media.

Participate in and present to the RCC Campus Network, at RCC conferences, advocacy days, and trainings for RCC Fellows, etc. Work closely under the RCC Director of Policy and Programs to execute events, research, writing, and more.

Carry out additional tasks as needed and directed by the President & CEO within RCC’s mission.


  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in marine or environmental studies, science, history, or political science, or combined with other majors, minors or concentrations in helpful fields such as African American or Women’s Studies, English, journalism, creative writing, public policy. Experience (0-3 years), but with demonstrated talent and commitment to climate justice.
  • Demonstrated commitment to environmental issues and the RCC mission. Driven to embody Rachel Carson’s approach to environmental advocacy – combining science, policy, and creativity.
  • Demonstrated leadership on campus or in your community with effective interpersonal skills, warmth, and empathy. Ability to work well with diverse constituencies.
  • Outstanding academic achievement and leadership in the broad area of environment, ocean, and environmental justice issues across disciplines to combine science and the humanities with a knowledge of advocacy, climate change, and environmental justice.
  • Exceptional professional writing skills and the ability to present to a variety of audiences and in differing formats and media.
  • Understanding of and experience with environmental justice issues, legislative process, frontline communities, and diverse organizations and settings.
  • Strong initiative, creativity, and imaginative approaches to environmental work.
  • Intellectual curiosity and strong research.
  • Ability to keep up with complex, fast-paced legislation and policy activity at federal and state levels
  • Experience on Capitol Hill (or with Hill lobbying) a plus.


Salary: $50,000 annually, or commensurate with experience.

Retirement 403(B) plan with 5% RCC contribution. 3 weeks (15 workdays) vacation, 5 sick days. Hybrid work schedule. Funds for professional development. Employees under 26 arrange medical plan. Over 26 years old, reimbursed by RCC.

Location: RCC is a Washington D.C. – based organization.

Deadline and starting date: The deadline for application is January 31, 2024, or until filled.