Under the supervision of the Office of Resilience Planning Program Manager, the Resilience Planner is responsible for supporting the development, administration, and implementation of DCR’s flood resilience planning efforts. DCR is seeking a Resilience Planner specializing in data analysis topics to join the three-person Office.

Applicants must be able to analyze complex data related to flood hazard exposure and flood risk assessment, including to apply and assess the impacts of climate change on changing flooding conditions. Applications must be able to support development and maintenance of geospatial data and web applications for practitioners and the public. Applicants must also be able to evaluate local, state, and federal policies related to climate change and resiliency, and support the Office of Resilience Planning with stakeholder outreach and engagement. The Resilience Planner will attend federal, state, and local resilience coordination meetings, help prepare meeting agendas and summaries, and provide other support for meetings as required.

Work responsibilities may include:

Data Analysis – Resilience Planning Program Support

  • Assist with overall program development and oversight; provide informed recommendations for flood exposure and risk assessment data development and analysis to influence decision making
  • Coordinate with internal and external data stakeholders to achieve programmatic goals
  • Manage stakeholder contact information and associated activity information
  • Develop and advise on critical infrastructure flood risk assessments; Develop guidance and tools for critical infrastructure owners to use in identifying and reducing flood risk
  • Conduct gaps analysis for flood risk assessment data; develop solutions to close data gaps
  • Produce program reports, including data visualizations
  • Support in developing outreach strategies and attend outreach activities
  • Support Coastal Resilience Web Explorer database review; enter and/or approve updates to the database

Contract Management Support

  • Develop and manage planning RFPs
  • Coordinate RFP processes
  • Serve as the secondary contact for contract activities
  • Monitor progress and document contractual deliverables
  • Maintain data for reporting

Project Management

  • Schedule, organize, facilitate, attend, and document project meetings
  • Review deliverables
  • Receive and review invoices

Minimum Qualifications

  • Demonstrated proficiency with data analysis and data visualization to support long-range planning efforts, including Relational Databases and Geographic Information Systems.
  • Demonstrated experience conducting or leading long-range strategic planning activities.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with advanced writing skills and verbal skills in a professional manner to senior management and political appointees.

Additional Considerations

  • Demonstrated experience working in topics related to flood risk management and/or climate adaptation.
  • Familiarity with federal, state, and local policy, planning, and grant programs processes and requirements.
  • Demonstrated experience leveraging data to support policy recommendations.
  • Experience with ESRI products and services, including ArcGIS Online and App Builders (Experience Builder, StoryMaps).
  • Basic familiarity with cloud computing environments and relational database analytical tools.