Paper Mill Dam Removal

Date Issued: November 20, 2019

On Site Pre-bid Meeting: Wednesday, December 4, 2019, 11 am ET

Proposal Due Date: Friday, December 20, 2019, 5 pm ET


Purpose: American Rivers seeks cost proposals and confirmation of availability from contractors for construction services to remove the Paper Mill Dam and associated site restoration.

Project location: The Paper Mill Dam is located on Cacoosing Creek in Spring and Lower Heidelberg Townships in Berks County. Coordinates for the site are 40.365152, -75.993806. Please see the full RFP for more information on the site location.

Background: Paper Mill Dam (D06-300) is approximately 8 feet high and 120 feet long. The spillway is an ogee-type concrete cap constructed in 1959 over an older timber crib dam that dates prior to 1919. The impoundment is approximately 2,800 feet long with mixed forest riparian zone and agricultural uses in the uplands. The project will reconnect more than seven miles of river for the benefit of American eel, trout, blacknose dace, white sucker, and public safety and recreation. American Rivers is managing the dam removal project in coordination with the PA Fish and Boat Commission and the PA Department of Environmental Protection.

Project Design and Permitting Status: The project design and other important information is provided at the following link: Restoration waiver is pending for this project, and the drawdown permit and other approvals have been received.

Timeframe: American Rivers will select a construction firm and provide notification of selection by Friday, January 3, 2020. We will issue a Task Order on or before January 31, 2020. Construction is expected to be conducted July-August 2020.

Pre-Bid Meeting: American Rivers will provide a mandatory pre-bid meeting at the project site on Wednesday, December 4, at 11 am for the purpose of viewing site conditions and asking project-related questions.

Attached Reference Materials: American Rivers is providing the following documents via Google Drive (

  1. Paper Mill Dam Removal RFP Basic Info
  2. Supplemental Information
    1. Paper Mill Dam Removal Final Design Drawings (including construction sequence and erosion and sediment control plan)
    2. Paper Mill Dam Removal Specifications
    3. Paper Mill Dam PFBC Drawdown Permit and Conditions (extension through 2020 forthcoming)
    4. Paper Mill Dam Removal Bid Form
    5. Paper Mill Dam Site Maps and Photo Log
    6. Davis Bacon Wage Rates

RFP Response: Bids must be sent via email to Jessie Thomas-Blate at by Friday, December 20, 2019, at 5pm ET. Late submittals will not be accepted. For more information, see reference materials.

Selection criteria: American Rivers will make contractor selection based on four primary criteria: 1) demonstrated understanding of the site and project; 2) cost-effectiveness of proposal; 3) availability to complete the project within the timeframe specified; and 4) evaluation of qualifications of key personnel and past dam removal project history.

Reserved rights: American Rivers reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to waive any requirements and to accept all or part of any proposal considered to be in the best interest of the project.

Questions: Questions must be submitted in writing by December 11, 2019, to Jessie Thomas-Blate at