Position Dates: June 3 – August 9, 2024

Summer Programs Assistants (SPA) are trained to work and assist with all summer programs (overnight camp, day camp, adult and family, custom, and Road Scholar) and will work with learners of all ages. The SPA will assist with all programs as needed. This can include serving as a teaching assistant, camp counseling, leading camp activities, performing customer service duties, assisting with university trips, working with custom programs, and other various duties as assigned. The SPA will gain valuable and diverse knowledge regarding a variety of education programming, aquarium and field equipment use and maintenance, boat crew skills and boat safety, group leadership, time management and marine organism husbandry. The two Summer Program Assistants will also work together with education program staff to lead our summer high school internship program. This unique position is ideal for candidates looking to explore a variety of program types and age groups who enjoy variation in their schedule. This demanding but rewarding job best fits individuals who work well independently and as part of a team. Candidates must demonstrate problem solving skills, time and group management skills, flexibility, and enthusiasm for education and the environment.



SPAs will alternate weeks working with Road Scholar Programs/High School Interns and Day Camp or Overnight Camp. 4 weeks will be spent on Road Scholar Programs and 4 weeks will be spent on Day or Overnight Camps. SPAs will be given the opportunity to work with other programs as they are able and available depending on their interest areas.


Job Responsibilities

Job responsibilities will fall into four main categories: Day Camp, Overnight Camp, Road Scholar, and High School Intern Supervisor

For all categories, duties include:

  • Ensure the safety and wellbeing of all program participants
  • Enforce CBFS rules and regulations at all times
  • Take photos during program activities
  • Positive customer service for all program participants
  • Actively interact with and supervise program participants during program hours, giving them undivided attention
  • Represent CBFS in a positive and appropriate way
  • Drive CBFS vehicles with and without participants, including 15 passenger vans with kayak trailers



  • Salary: $850 biweekly
  • On-site staff housing provided: furnished 800 sq. ft. two bedroom apt, one bathroom, kitchen and living room, central heat and A/C, all utilities included, shared with max. one roommate.
  • On-station meals when programs in session.
  • Free laundry facility on-site.


For a full job description and to apply, please visit  http://www.cbfieldstation.org/employment.html