The mission of the Water & Science Administration of the Maryland Department of the Environment is to restore and maintain the quality of the State’s ground and surface waters, protect wetland habitats and manage the utilization of Maryland’s mineral resources throughout the State of Maryland. The Natural Resources Planner (NRP) II is responsible for the management and implementation of laws, regulations and programs that restore and maintain the quality of surface waters and the protection of tidal wetland habitats and waterways. The NRP II functions as a wetland reviewer for designated counties in the Eastern Region of the Tidal Wetlands Division of the Water & Science Administration within the Department of the Environment. This position is guided by the requirements and mandates established in the Code of Maryland Regulations Title 26, Subtitle 24, Tidal Wetlands Regulations; Code of Public General Laws of Maryland Title 16 Wetlands and Riparian Rights and the Water Quality Certification requirements of the Water Quality Regulations. In this capacity, the incumbent renders permit decisions, represents the Department in a variety of forums, makes recommendations on program development and planning projects, and is responsible for educating and coordinating with other government agencies, other levels of government and the general public.

The NRP II will also be responsible for the review of regulated activities impacting jurisdictional wetlands, regulated critical area buffer, water quality certification and administering the Army Corps of Engineers Maryland State Programmatic General Permit. The incumbent assists in the development and implementation of policies relative to the regulation, management and restoration of tidal wetlands and the Water Quality Certification program.