Chesapeake Research Consortium is please to announce that we have TWO openings within CRC’s Environmental Management Career Development Program, which provides coordination and project support to the Chesapeake Bay Program.  The Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP) brings together leaders from state, federal and local government, as well as academia and the watershed’s many communities, to collaborate on creating the best strategies and tools for cleaning up the Bay and the rivers and streams that flow into it and engaging with diverse communities to restore habitat health for living resources and promote stewardship for an environmentally and economically sustainable Chesapeake Bay. The Chesapeake Bay Program is fueled by science and driven by partnership.

Healthy Watersheds Goal Implementation Team Staffer – Closing Date: May 27, 2024

Full Announcement:

The Environmental Management Staffer in this position will support the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Healthy Watersheds Goal Implementation Team (HWGIT). The HWGIT works to keep local watersheds healthy across a range of landscapes, bringing attention to the challenge of protecting streams and watersheds that are healthy today and restoring waters if they become degraded. The HWGIT serves as a forum for shared learning and collaboration among Chesapeake Bay Program partners to promote the identification, assessment, vulnerability evaluation, and protection of waters and watersheds that have high ecological value throughout the greater Chesapeake Bay watershed. This Staffer position will also provide support to the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Forestry Workgroup and Federal Facilities Workgroup, both of which focus on water quality improvements in these respective areas.

Scientific, Technical Assessment, and Reporting Team Staffer – Closing Date: June 2, 2024

Full Announcement:

The Environmental Management Staffer in this position will support the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Scientific, Technical Assessment, and Reporting (STAR) Team. STAR enhances Chesapeake Bay science and capacity by facilitating collaboration among science providers to provide monitoring, modeling, and analysis needed to update, explain, and communicate ecosystem condition and change to support the work of the program. The STAR team coordinates monitoring, modeling, and analysis across the CBP to help decision makers progress towards the goal and outcomes of the 2014 Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement. STAR has embraced a more ecosystem-based science mission approach by supporting the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Goal Implementation Teams in identifying, organizing, and addressing their science needs. There are two STAR Staffers who provide support to STAR and the workgroups associated with STAR’s areas of focus. This Staffer will jointly support STAR and be the primary support for the Modeling Workgroup, the Integrated Trends Analysis Team, the Status and Trends Workgroup, and the Nontidal Network Workgroup. While serving as primary support for the workgroups listed above, this staffer may support other STAR workgroups on an ad-hoc basis.


A competitive salary, vacation and benefits package is included each Staffer position. In addition to the experience gained through the Staffer’s work assignments, CRC can support the Staffer’s attendance at professional conferences, workshops, and training related to their position, identified future career interests and individual professional development plan.