The primary responsibilities of Albemarle County’s Water Resources Program Manager are to ensure that public and private water resources infrastructure – including stormwater management facilities, conveyance infrastructure, and dams – is properly maintained, repaired, and improved and to contribute to pollution reduction initiatives. This is done through overseeing inspection, assessment, and maintenance programs, implementing capital improvements, and supervising inspection staff. Essential functions include:

–Ensures that public and private stormwater management facilities are operated and maintained in compliance with the Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) and the County’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit, through overseeing a program of routine inspections and compliance enforcement and providing quality control of public facility maintenance;

–Oversees non-routine maintenance and repairs of County-operated stormwater facilities and conveyance infrastructure, including structural repairs, access improvements, erosion control, sediment removal, and vegetation enhancements through developing project strategies and concepts, managing engineering consultants, and supervising contractor work;

–Maintains compliance with State dam safety requirements through performing dam inspections at County-operated dams, preparing and submitting reports, and managing repairs and improvements, as needed;

–Oversees the management of drainage conveyance infrastructure through the assessment of community drainage issues, determination of responsibility, identification of solutions, and the implementation of maintenance and repairs;

–Contributes to developing and implementing strategies to meet pollutant discharge reductions as mandated by the MS4 Program and to address impairments of the Chesapeake Bay and local waters and assists in the planning, design, and management of capital projects and practices to address TMDL pollution reduction requirements and natural resource protection goals;

–Assists the chief and others to develop strategic plans, devise and implement new initiatives, improve processes and procedures, prepare operating and capital budgets, and apply for and manage grants;

–Utilizes information management systems to properly collect data, document outcomes, and track key metrics

–Provides expertise and leadership to other County offices, the development community, and the general public regarding infrastructure and water resource matters

Visit here for the full announcement and application instructions. Applications due by November 8th, 2022.