The Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin’s (ICPRB) mission is to enhance, protect, and conserve the water and associated land resources of the Potomac River basin and its tributaries through regional and interstate cooperation. ICPRB has openings for up to two interns for the spring and summer semesters. The start and end dates are negotiable, approximately March to August, 2023. All internships will be completed no later than August 31, 2023. These are paid, part-time, temporary positions with flexible working hours. Pay is $17/hr. ICPRB is located in Rockville, Maryland.

See our Jobs page for information on how to apply.

ICPRB is an Equal Opportunity Employer that strives to maintain a diverse workforce. No applicant or employee will be discriminated against on the basis of race, sex, gender identity, age, religion, national origin, veteran status, political affiliation, disability, or any other non-job related factors.

The primary tasks of these internships are to revise and enhance the existing water quality data sources inventory, assist with the Potomac River Basin Drinking Water Source Protection Partnership (DWSPP) newsletter and meetings, collect and analyze stream gage data for river spill preparedness; and/or archive ICPRB photographs. The following projects and associated tasks will be divided between two interns based on skill sets, interest, and project needs. Modifications may occur based on project needs and to create a positive experience for the interns.

  • Water Quality Data Sources Inventory – As part of the implementation of the Potomac Basin Comprehensive Water Resources Plan, ICPRB maintains an inventory of water quality data sets available through many agencies and organizations throughout the basin. Internship tasks may include updating information currently contained in the inventory and obtaining data for additional sources.
  • River Spill Preparedness – ICPRB staff alert basin jurisdictions and drinking water suppliers in the event of river spills using ICPRB spill modeling capabilities and communication tools. An intern may assist staff in developing velocity-discharge curves at selected USGS streamflow gages that will be used to inform time of travel estimates during spill events.
  • Potomac River Basin Drinking Water Source Protection Partnership – The Partnership is a voluntary association of water suppliers and government agencies focused on protecting sources of drinking water in the Potomac River basin. The intern may assist with the development of the periodic Source Water Protection Newsletter; assist in the Partnership’s quarterly meeting logistics; and/or prepare quarterly meeting minutes.
  • Photograph Archival – ICPRB maintains a large library of reference material including photographs. Assistance is needed to scan and tag Commission photographs for electronic storage and easy retrieval.

Minimum Education: Undergraduate juniors or seniors majoring in a relevant environmental science field. Graduate students majoring in environmental science or a related field preferred.

Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Access, ArcGIS, and/or R preferred. The interns will be able to work either from the convenience of their own remote office using their own computer or from ICPRB’s offices in Rockville, Maryland. The interns are expected to participate in regular meetings with their supervisor and project teams. Must be authorized to work in the United States.