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    Webinar: Citizen Science and Open Data in Urban Forestry: Opportunities and Challenges, 6/14 1 pm EST

    June 14, 2017 | 1:00-2:15pm ET
    Citizen Science and Open Data in Urban Forestry: Opportunities and challenges
    Lara Roman, USDA Forest Service
    Deborah Boyer, Azavea
    As urban forest managers seek new ways to engage the public, many municipalities, non-profit groups, and tree advocates turn to citizen science and open data to connect with stakeholders and constituents. These projects can generate public interest, but there are concerns about the need for data coordination, quality control, open access, and long-term funding and resource commitment. The goal is to create a project where time spent on training and oversight yields great benefits in public awareness and support, as well as quality data that will drive good management and policy decisions. In this webinar, Lara Roman will present findings from a study of volunteer data quality in urban tree inventories and implications for the use of citizen science for various urban forest data collection needs. Deborah Boyer will share lessons learned from citizen science and open data projects across the United States and discuss various technical approaches. Together, these presentations will help you determine whether citizen science and open data projects are right for your program.
    This webinar is presented by the USDA Forest Service Urban Forest Connections Webinar Series. Click here to connect to the webinar.

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