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    Volunteer Coordinator for Anne Arundel County Weed Warrior program, the Anne Arundel Weed Resistance

    The Anne Arundel County Forestry Board supports the reforestation and afforestation requirements of the Anne Arundel County Forest Conservation and Critical Area Program.  It has been recognized that parcels of forest land throughout the County are being negatively affected by invasive plant species that are degrading habitat and destroying the advanced regeneration necessary for the forests to thrive and be sustainable. There is also a negative effect on the county waterways.   The Anne Arundel forestry Boar is seeking a dynamic Americorp member through The Volunteer Maryland program.  The Americorp Member will recruit 100 volunteers who will participate in clearing invasive vegetation from forests and natural areas throughout Anne Arundel County. Volunteers will also be involved with planting trees and shrubs to enhance the forest ecosystem. In addition, the AmeriCorps Member will supervise volunteers on work days and lead volunteer events with a staff member. The AmeriCorps Member will also work with staff to create a volunteer tracking system, volunteer application, position descriptions, recruitment and screening materials. The AmeriCorps Member will develop a volunteer orientation, agenda and training materials and work with staff on evolution and recognition plans and materials.  For information contact Bud Reaves at or by phone at (443) 336-0161. 

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