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Kathryn Reshetiloff

Kathryn Reshetiloff added a new Resource in Chesapeake Network

Posted September 29, 2020

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure: How dredged sediments can help rebuild drowning coastal marshes

Tidal salt marshes are defined by frequent tidal flooding, unique plant communities, and the ability to trap valuable sediments that build the marsh itself. While they are adapted to the natural ebb and flow of the tide, sea-level rise and other threats are changing the frequency and duration of flooding. This story map illustrates how,…

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Kathryn Reshetiloff added a new Announcement in Chesapeake Network

Posted September 27, 2018

Baltimore Biodiversity Toolkit: Improving Green Spaces for Communities and Wildlife

The many parks and street trees of Baltimore are home for a wide range of songbirds, butterflies and other native wildlife. The Baltimore Biodiversity Toolkit is a multi-platform informational tool designed to help partners prioritize community greening projects based on representative species, citizen science data, and spatial analysis that includes social, economic and ecological indicators.

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