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irisallen added a new Announcement in Chesapeake Network

Posted March 8, 2022

Maryland DNR Will Be Hiring 13 New Positions To Assist With Planting 5 Million Trees Soon!

In a quest to plant 5 million trees over 9 years for the Tree Solutions Now Act of 2021, the MD Department of Natural Resources Forest Service is looking for a diversity of talent to help our cities and communities get thousands of trees in the ground. Positions are available across the state in rural…

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irisallen added a new Job in Chesapeake Network

Posted March 2, 2022

Forest Health Specialist – Maryland Department of Natural Resources (Annapolis, MD)

This position will work with landowners and conservation agencies to support the Forest Health Program, including adapting forest management to a changing climate, improving response to invasive species affecting forest health, and incorporating wildlife habitat and landscape context into forest recommendations. It includes support for the Forest Legacy working forest conservation program. Work includes outreach…

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