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    Assistant Farm Manager- Clagett Farm

    The Chesapeake Bay Foundation seeks an Assistant Farm Manager to be based at its Clagett Farm located in Upper Marlboro, MD.
    Work with the Clagett Farm Manager and the Farm Vegetable Manager to ensure that the day-to-day farm operations run smoothly, with a focus on the maintenance of all equipment and buildings, managing the animal manure composting, assisting in planning and operation of the vegetable production, contributing to outreach supporting Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s (CBF’s) mission, and maintaining farm records. This position and the work at Clagett Farm is part of CBF’s Maryland Office. As such the Assistant Farm Manager is also responsible for participating in Maryland Office activities, planning and meetings in addition to CBF-wide events and meetings.
    Essential functions include:
    1. Maintenance of buildings and equipment
    A. Ensure that all farm buildings (barns, garages, equipment sheds) are safe and secure and weather proof and meets CBF Fleet & Facility standards;
    B. Ensure that all farm equipment (tractors, planters, hay equipment, cultivators, bushhog, etc.) are maintained in safe and working condition and meets CBF Fleet & Facility standards; and
    C. Maintain farm roads.
    2. Maintain certification for the use of farm pesticides and fertilizers. Required to maintain a current Pesticide Applicator Certification with MDA and a Nutrient Applicator Certification with MDA.
    3. Assist in the planning and operation of the vegetable production
    A. Work with the Vegetable Production Manager to help develop vegetable production plan, including rotations, timing and amounts of plantings for each crop;
    B. Assist with field preparation and any needed tillage and planting;
    C. Assist with the education of farm interns; and
    D. Ensure timely planting of all needed cover crops.
    4. Manage the compost operation of the farm’s animal manure.
    5. Assist when needed with cattle, pastures and hay, and maintaining pasture fences.
    6. Strategic Impact and outreach
    A. Demonstrate to other farmers, legislators and decision makers that sustainable farming is positive for farmers and the Bay;
    B. Help build allies within the agriculture community to ensure good lines of communication between CBF and farmers;
    C. Positively affect the work of other non-profit organizations and enhance CBF’s goal to develop collaborations, such as with the Capital Area Community Food Bank; and
    D. Demonstrate to CBF members, the public and students the sources of the food they eat and how this food production effects the environment.
    7. Assist with farm administrative tasks
    A. Maintain farm records;
    B. Assist in the development of farm nutrient management plan;
    C. Help develop overall farm operations plan; and
    D. Assist with education of farm visitors.
    8. Other duties as assigned by Farm Manager
    Sufficient farm experience to be proficient in sustainable farming practices, including planning, field operations, building soil quality, and equipment maintenance. At least two years of farm experience and having good tractor and farm equipment skills. State Pesticide Applicator’s Certification and State Fertilizer Applicator’s Certification must be current and kept up to date.
    To apply, please send cover letter, resume, and salary history and requirements no later than October 6, 2017 to:
    Human Resources/FY18-012-CFAM
    Chesapeake Bay Foundation
    CBF offers a comprehensive benefits package to include: 20 vacation days, 10 sick days, health, vision, dental, life insurance, and a tax deferred annuity plan. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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