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Posted July 9, 2024 | Topic:

Sunday, 07/14/2024: Nature Journaling workshop with Southern Maryland Audubon (Hughesville, MD)

Southern Maryland Audubon invites you to join us for our summer nature journaling workshop SUNDAY, July 14, from 9:30-11:30 a.m. at Maxwell Hall in Hughesville, MD. All are welcome whether it’s your first time or you are experienced at nature journaling. Our leader, Kaelyn Stewart, will show us that you don’t have to be an…

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Posted April 30, 2024 | Topic:

Wednesday, 05/01/2024: Zoom Presentation: Saving Maryland’s ‘Ghost Owl’

Join Southern Maryland Audubon for the latest research and conservation efforts to help the Barn Owl—one of the most vulnerable species of birds in Maryland. The “ghost owl” has been disappearing in Maryland along with the old barns where they once nested and the farm fields where they hunted. Our speakers have been at the…

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Posted April 17, 2024 | Topic:

Saturday, 04/20/2024: SoMD Audubon Bird Field Trip: What’s Soaring at Historic Sotterley (Hollywood, MD)

Southern Maryland Audubon invites you to enjoy a bird walk at this scenic and historic Patuxent River property as the annual surge of bird migration begins. Nesting Bald Eagles, migrating warblers, meadowlarks, woodpeckers and waterfowl can all be found on Sotterley’s farm roads and trails. RSVP to Dean Newman at

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Posted April 16, 2024 | Topic:

Saturday, 04/20/2024: Slow Birding Program and Field Trip at Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum (St. Leonard, MD)

Join Southern Maryland Audubon for an introduction to the Merlin bird identification app followed by a slow, guided one-mile bird walk along the park’s beautiful trails, stopping frequently to let the birds come to us. Attendees are invited to bring a picnic lunch for after the walk. Meet at the Visitor’s Center Conference Room. RSVP…

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Posted March 20, 2024 | Topic:

Tuesday, 03/26/2024: Zoom on Proposed new Maryland National Wildlife Refuge

Southern Maryland Audubon invites you to learn how you can support the proposed Southern Maryland Woodlands National Wildlife Refuge in Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, Prince George’s and St. Mary’s counties to protect the habitats of birds, fish and other wildlife. Dan Murphy, chief of the Division of Habitat Restoration for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife…

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Posted February 29, 2024 | Topic: ,

Wednesday, 03/06/2024: How we can protect birds from window collisions

Please join us for Southern Maryland Audubon’s monthly Zoom presentation  7-8 pm Wednesday, March 6. An estimated 1 billion birds die every year in window collisions. Dr. Mark Southerland, director of Safe Skies Maryland, will provide solutions for how you can stop bird collisions with your home windows, as well as how you can get…

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Posted February 2, 2024 | Topic:

Wednesday, 02/07/2024: Southern Maryland Audubon Zoom Talk: Think Like a Raven

Southern Maryland Audubon invites you to join our monthly Zoom talk “Think Like a Raven” this Wednesday, Feb. 7, from 7-8 p.m. Dr. John Marzluff, a professor at the University of Washington College of the Environment and a leading authority on Ravens, will discuss his fascinating research on these charismatic birds and provide insight on…

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Posted January 2, 2024 | Topic:

Saturday, 01/06/2024: All the Dirt on Winter Sowing Native Plants (Waldorf, MD)

Learn how to grow your own native plants from seeds in milk jugs—in the dead of winter. Native plants are critical to supporting birds, butterflies, bees and other pollinators, but they can be expensive to buy!  In our hands-on, in-person workshop, “All the Dirt on Winter Sowing Native Plants,” you’ll learn this easy and inexpensive…

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Posted December 1, 2023 | Topic:

Wednesday, 12/06/2023: Saving the Salamanders

The tiger salamander—which can grow up to a foot long— has been disappearing from the Delmarva wetlands in recent decades. Biologists have launched innovative programs to restore the hydrology and vegetation in numerous Delmarva bays to help salamanders survive and thrive. Kevin Stohlgren, southern region biologist for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ Natural Heritage…

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Posted October 27, 2023

Wednesday, 11/01/2023: Southern Maryland Audubon Bird Talk: Winter Warblers

Join Southern Maryland Audubon for our monthly bird talk featuring “Winter Warblers,” some of the most illusive—but most rewarding—  birds to spot. Cody Kent, assistant professor of Quantitative Vertebrate Biology at Frostburg State University, who is currently researching the impact of human activities on warblers, will describe what scientists are learning about their secret winter…

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Posted October 18, 2023

Sunday, 10/22/2023: Joy of Nature Journaling (White Plains, MD)

Learn nature journaling or improve your journaling skills with Southern Maryland Audubon’s “Joy of Nature Journaling” in-person workshop at beautiful White Plains Regional Park near LaPlata in Charles County. A great way to spend a colorful fall morning getting closer to birds and nature. Kaelyn Stewart, our student scholarship winner to  Hog Island Audubon Camp…

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Posted October 3, 2023

Saturday, 10/07/2023: Face-to-face with Raptors (Port Tobacco, MD)

Meet amazing raptors face-to-face at our in-person Southern Maryland Audubon presentation Saturday, Oct. 7 from 10:30-noon at the Port Tobacco Recreation Center in Charles County. Raptor expert Mike Callahan will describe the behavior and habits of hawks, eagles and owls native to Southern Maryland. Mike will be accompanied by several live raptors from the Nanjemoy…

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Posted September 12, 2023

Sunday, 09/17/2023: Learning Nature Journaling (Charlotte Hall, MD)

Nature journaling is easier than you think! You don’t have to be an artist or a writer to get closer to birds and nature with a notebook and pen. Our leader, Kaelyn Stewart, will guide you through exercises that will sharpen your observational skills and expand your personal experience with nature in the tranquil setting…

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Posted August 31, 2023

Wednesday, 09/06/2023: SoMDAudubon: Gardening for Birds-How we can all be habitat ambassadors

Whether you have a community park, backyard or a simple window box, you can create your own wildlife sanctuary. Erin Reed Miller, Bird-Friendly Communities Coordinator for Patterson Park Audubon Center in Baltimore, will show you how every patch of habitat, however small or paved, adds up, making a big difference for birds. Our monthly meeting…

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Posted April 28, 2023

Wednesday, 05/03/2023: Southern Maryland Audubon Zoom Meeting: Trouble on the Half Shell

Many of our turtle species are in trouble.  Kerry Wixted, Amphibian & Reptile and Invasive Species Program Manager for the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies, explores the world of Maryland turtles, what’s behind their decline and how you can help these amazing creatures thrive in the wild.  Zoom in and join us online. The…

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Posted March 30, 2023

Wednesday, 04/05/2023: Mysteries & Marvels of Bird Migration

Unravel the mysteries and marvels of bird migration with Chris Eberly, one of Maryland’s leading authorities on bird migration, at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 5, at Southern Maryland Audubon’s  monthly Zoom lecture. We will explore amazing migrations, from raptors to shorebirds to songbirds, and demonstrate how technology is helping scientists understand the complexities of…

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Posted February 28, 2023

Wednesday, 03/01/2023: Attracting more birds & beneficial insects to your yard

Want to attract more birds and beneficial insects to your yard? Entomologist Dr.  Ashley Kennedy will share the results of community science research using 15,000 crowd-sourced photos to learn more about the critical food web connection between plants, insects and birds and what we can do in our own yards to make a difference.  Kennedy…

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Posted January 30, 2023

Wednesday, 02/01/2023: Youth Takeover at Southern Maryland Audubon Meeting (Zoom Meeting)

Youth takeover at Southern Maryland Audubon! Wed., Feb. 1 @ 7-8 p.m. for our monthly Zoom meeting. Meet some of our star youth birders, learn about their amazing conservation projects, and discover how the newest generation of birders are changing birding and bird conservation. You’ll learn how to apply for our 2023 youth scholarship to…

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Posted January 18, 2023

Audubon Birding & Nature Camp Scholarships for Teens & Teachers

  APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN for Southern Maryland Audubon’s scholarships for teens and teachers from Charles, St. Mary’s and Calvert counties at Audubon’s amazing birding and nature camp at Hog Island, Maine. Learn more at our Zoom meeting: “Bring your Kids to Audubon Night” Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 7 p.m. Get the Zoom link by…

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Posted January 5, 2023

Tuesday, 01/04/2022: Marshes for Tomorrow: A Restoration Plan to Save MD’s Salt Marshes and their Birds

Join Southern Maryland Audubon’s monthly meeting lecture with David Curson, Audubon Mid-Atlantic’s director of bird conservation for Maryland who will introduce a new project designed to restore our sinking salt marshes and support vulnerable species, such as the Saltmarsh Sparrow which is entirely dependent on this ecosystem. He’ll also give new updates on Common Tern…

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Posted October 3, 2022

Wednesday, 10/05/2022: On the Trail of the Invasive Spotted Lanternfly

Speaker: Kenton Sumpter, Entomologist, Maryland Department of Agriculture Kenton Sumpter is a detective on the trail of the invasive Spotted Lanternfly. He will share tales of how entomologists are discovering the routes and trying to halt the spread of this menace to some of our favorite Maryland native trees and most important agricultural crops. He…

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Posted September 6, 2022

Wednesday, 09/07/2022: Winter Sowing: How to grow your own natives for birds & beauty

We all want to grow more natives for birds, wildlife and beauty in our yards and on our patios. But native plants can be expensive! Molly Moore, President of Southern Maryland Audubon, Charles County Master Gardener and Maryland Master Naturalist, will show you how to grow your own natives from seeds, on the cheap, in…

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Posted February 28, 2022

Wednesday, 03/02/2022: What’s up with Maryland’s Rare and Endangered Plants? (ZOOM)

Southern Maryland Audubon Society will host Maryland’s chief botanist as he discusses the state’s rarest and most endangered native plants. Chris Frye leads efforts to manage and preserve the state’s rare, threatened and endangered native plants. He maintains the state’s rare plants list and is the curator of vascular plants at the Department of Natural…

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Posted February 9, 2022

Friday, 02/11/2022: Friday, 02/11/2022: Owl Prowl at Jefferson Patterson Park (Saint Leonard, MD)

Join Southern Maryland Audubon Society for an Owl Prowl at Jefferson Patterson Park in Saint Leonard, MD next Friday, Feb. 11 at 5:50 pm. This a great family “outing” and is open to the public. Owls are nocturnal and notoriously difficult to spot, but field trip leader Bob Boxwell is an expert at finding these…

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