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    The Alliance’s 4th Annual “Best of the Chesapeake” Photo Contest!

    Submit Now! “Best Of The Chesapeake” Photo Contest!
    Is photography one of your passions? Does sorting through new Instagram filters fill you with joy? Well, then we have good news for you–the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay announces our 4th annual “Best of the Chesapeake” Photo Contest!
    Whether you are an amateur or a professional, if you have a fancy camera or an iPhone,send us your favorite photos that you have taken of the Chesapeake Bay or along the streams, creeks, rivers or forests of its amazing watershed from New York to Virginia!
    If you’ve ever captured an Osprey perched atop a pier, the sun setting over the shore or a fisherman wading his way through a wetland, we want to see your photos. Submit any images that capture what life is like here in the Chesapeake!
    Submissions will be accepted June 8th through August 8th and the winners will be announced September 1st.
    CASH PRIZES will be awarded for first ($400), second ($250) and third place ($100) winners!
    For contest info and to submit your photos, go to:

    Photo Contest

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