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    Neighborhood Greenway Workshop 1 – WATER

    Perspectives on Ellicott City Flood Mitigation
    Ellicott City, MD has a history of flooding. The latest flood was experienced on July 30, 2016 and cost lives, businesses and significant damage to property. Efforts have been on-going to mitigate flood damage prior to the 7/30 event, and have increased since. Guest speaker, Lori A. Lilly, has been working with the community in both a professional and volunteer capacity since the 2011 Tropical Storm Lee flood to assist with mitigation. She will share knowledge gained from these experiences including the development and implementation of a watershed plan, initiation and implementation of a channel debris maintenance program, education and outreach efforts as Chair and Member of the Ellicott City Partnership’s Clean, Safe and Green Committee and voluntary service on the Ellicott City Flood Workgroup and Ellicott City Community Advisory Group.
    This workshop series is sponsored by Howard EcoWorks and Restoring the Environment and Developing Youth (READY) in partnership with Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay.
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