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    Wetlands Boot Camp– Educators’ Professional Development Summer Institute

    June 19-23 10:00 am to 4:00 pm   $25 each day.  Pick one or join us all week. Registration closes June 2. Go to to register.
    : Join EC for a week-long professional development series designed to connect your students to authentic wetland learning experiences. Five courses are available. Discounts are available for week-long registrants. Course information for each workshop is below.                                                                                     
    WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands: June 19 WOW! introduces participants to wetland ecology through a study of the three parameters of wetlands: vegetation, soils and hydrology.  Participants will also learn about wetland functions and values by utilizing K-12 cross curricular, inquiry based activities.  Leave with a wetland resource guide with over 50 hands-on, multidisciplinary activities, and ideas for student action projects.
    Rain Garden Designers: June 20 Participants will learn how to build a rain garden from start to finish while gaining the understanding of their benefits to the environment and the surrounding watershed. Participants will leave with the basic knowledge of how rain gardens are designed, created and maintained. Environmental Concern specializes in the implementation of student-centered action projects. Participants will learn helpful tips and strategies to include students throughout this process, so they gain the skills to implement action projects on their own in the future.
    Schoolyard Habitat Maintenance and Monitoring: June 21 Schoolyard Habitat Maintenance and Monitoring provides educators with an understanding of different habitat types and how to properly maintain the space with their students. Participants will also learn how to identify a schoolyard habitat’s success by utilizing K-12 cross curricular, inquiry based activities.  Educators will gain valuable tools to increase students’ interest in wetland maintenance, and inspiration to involve the entire school in the process.
    Student Action Projects for Watershed Improvements: June 22 This course provides Educators with the tools they need to implement student-driven meaningful best management practices to improve the health of their local watershed. Educators will leave with activities and tools to ensure their programs are meeting the new MWEE requirements.
    Wetland Plant ID: Know ‘Em and Grow ‘Em: June 23 This introductory wetland plant identification course provides participants with an understanding of wetland plant ecology and adaptations, and the resources to identify plant species in the field. Materials will also cover native and non-native species and planting tips.

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