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    Upcoming July Events at Environmental Concern

    Join Environmental Concern Inc. for upcoming workshops located on our campus at 201 Boundary Lane in St. Michaels, MD. Pre-registration is required  as space is limited. For more information call 410-745-9620 or visit our website at
    July 19  6:30-7:30  Why Natives?: The true justification for cultivating native plants derives not from nostalgia or a geographical abstraction of where an ecosystem occurred historically but rather the interaction between plants and their ecosystem. To call a species native implies complex relationships with the regional ecosystem that go well beyond those observable on our temporal and spatial scale. We will explore a worldview that will challenge how you see and interact with both the cultivated and unmanaged ecosystems.                                                            
    July 26  6:30-7:30  Milkweeds for Monarchs: Participants will learn about the Monarch butterfly, and the dependence of the Monarch caterpillars on native milkweed for survival. Tips for plant selection and habitat creation techniques will be discussed. These important tips will support the creation of Monarch habitat restoration projects on the Eastern Shore.                                                                                                                                                                
    July 27  6:30-7:30  BMP Options for Stormwater Runoff: Participants will learn the defining characteristics of best management practices and what structures are available to take responsibility for the stormwater runoff at home and in their communities.         

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