Since 2009, new developments are required to manage their stormwater by using Best Management Practices (BMPs) such as rain gardens, bioretentions, bioswales, and more. Property managers are required to properly maintain these BMPs, and sites are inspected every three years by Anne Arundel County inspectors. Oftentimes, residents and HOAs leaders do not understand the maintenance requirements and are failing these inspections which can lead to significant financial penalties for their communities.

WSA has partnered with HOA leaders, development professionals, property managers, environmental experts, and Anne Arundel County staff to develop a seminar series – Stormwater Success – to help county residents, property managers and HOA leaders navigate the inspection process and avoid potential fines. Seminar options include:

  1. Stormwater Success: 101: In this introductory-level course, participants will self-navigate a suite of online resources that introduce them to stormwater, best management practices (BMPs), BMP maintenance, and County expectations for BMP inspections. *Those who complete Stormwater Success 101, have the opportunity to advance to two additional courses in person offerings: Stormwater Success 201 and/or a Stormwater Field Tour.
  2. Stormwater Success: 201: Environmental Site Design (ESD) Communities: This “higher level” course is aimed at HOA leaders, realtors, property managers, and other community leaders who are navigating the county inspection process for their communities. Beyond including the online suite of resources from Stormwater Success 101, it offers more in-depth instruction in a virtual seminar that culminates in a question-and-answer session with County Inspection Officials.
  3. Stormwater Success: Stormwater Field Tour: This in-person tour will show participants some of the County’s stormwater facilities, including retention and detention ponds and a community with Environmental Site Design. Participants will have the opportunity to see these facilities in person and understand their maintenance considerations. They will also be able to speak with County Inspectors who will be able to answer their questions.

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We hope you will join us for this informative seminar. The course is only offered once a year, so don’t miss out.  Register now!