Looking to launch your environmental career? Or know a young person who is? Soon-to-be college grads and high school seniors interested in a gap year can gain vital green jobs skills and build a network of connections in the environmental field through the Chesapeake Conservation Corps program.

This one-year term of paid service places young adults (ages 18-25) with nonprofits or government agencies to work full-time in the environmental field in the Chesapeake watershed. Throughout the year this program provides hands-on professional and leadership experience through on-the-ground work leading and assisting with projects and programs, extensive trainings, and other service-learning opportunities including grant writing. This initiative is supported by the Trust, BGE an Exelon Company, the National Park Service and the state of Maryland.

The purpose of the Corps Program is 1) to enable young adults to work with organizations and communities on issues impacting the Chesapeake Bay, and 2) to better prepare young adults pursuing careers in the environmental field. Corps Members will work on projects and programs that fall into at least one of six categories (environmental restoration, community engagement, environmental education, energy conservation, sustainable agriculture or forestry), gain career and leadership skills, and become more engaged through meaningful community service.

The Chesapeake Bay Trust anticipates placing around 35-40 Corps Members, young adults 18-25, with nonprofit organizations and government agencies throughout the Chesapeake Bay region for a paid year of service beginning every August. To find the application go to https://cbtrust.org/prospective/.

“In the Corps I have learned invaluable lessons, developed and built my skill set, and made some incredible connections. I know now and even in 10 years when I look back on this experience I will credit where I am then to this program.” -Kellie Rogers, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, 2015-2016