Registration is Open Now for Goucher’s Environmental Certificate Spring ’21 Courses that start March 29 (Term 2) for 8 weeks online.

ENV 605: Climate Change: Science and Society (3 credits)
This course offers an integrative approach to climate change, providing an overview of the complex and multidisciplinary sciences underpinning climate science and it challenges to social and political accommodation.  As social and political implications of climate change have become increasingly apparent and communities across the globe struggle with impacts that include extreme weather and denial of causes, this course is designed to teach students to sort through the scientific, social, and political commitments of climate change and assess competing theories of change.

ENV 639: Citizen Science (3 credits)
The purpose of this course is to engage environmental educators in expanding fields of citizen science, volunteer environmental monitoring, and public participation the process of scientific investigations. Students will explore the foundations of citizen science project design, implementation, and analysis, to build skills as current and future citizen science project leaders.

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