Check out the fantastic line up of MWEE practitioner webinars host by the NOAA Environmental Science Training Center for this fall/winter. Please register using the links below and extend these opportunities widely to teachers and partners that are in your network. More information about these are available on our website:

Designing MWEEs for Special Education Learners — November 28th from 3-4PM

MWEEs should be accessible and available for ALL students. During this webinar learn from Intermediate Unit 13 about how they designed and implemented MWEEs for their Center-based Programs as well as some of the resources that can be adapted and used in any context. Register:

Performance Assessments & MWEEs in Elementary — Thursday, December 14, 2023 from 2-3PM

Performance Assessments measure students ability to apply the skills and knowledge learned from a unit of study typically through creating a product or answering a question. In some states like Virginia, PAs are required at various points in a student’s K-12 career. During this webinar learn about how PAs can be used to also meet the MWEE approach by exploring an example developed by the Virginia Department of Education. Register:

Climate Resources for Supporting MWEEs — Monday,  January 8, 2024 from 11AM-12PM

This webinar will feature a number of resources for developing and implementing a climate-focused MWEE, including a brand new Environmental Literacy Model (ELM) that can be used or adapted to your local context. Register:

PWCPS District Environmental Literacy Plan — Tuesday, February 6, 2024 from 2-3PM

Join leaders from Prince William County Public Schools to learn about how they created their district environmental literacy plan, what’s included in their plan, and their lessons learned for others wanting to create a district EL plan. Register: