Minutes from our August 2016 Communications Workgroup meeting.

As part of our review of the workgroup’s recent retreat, we approved a number of action items for the workgroup to follow. These items include:
– Share events and story ideas.
– Offer expert advice, peer review and project support.
– Cross-promote and amplify both high-level messaging and individual pieces of content.
– Share best practices and lessons learned.
– Offer trainings and workshops.
– Strengthen professional relationships among workgroup members.
– Hold biannual, extended, in-person meeting with a retreat/professional development component, and hold all other workgroup meetings over the phone.
– Share issues-related spokespeople/subject matter experts, media contacts and other resources.

For a more detailed list, please see the minutes (“Retreat follow-up”). You should expect to receive a web survey this month that will help us collect some of the information that will foster knowledge- and resource-sharing among our workgroup.

If there is something you would like to see on our September agenda (i.e., a communications need or issue you would like to discuss or a product or publication you would like to receive feedback on), please email me by COB Tuesday, August 16th.