ISAC officials consist of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, as well as the Designated Federal Official (DFO). By accepting the positions, ISAC officers agree to:
 Resolve logistical and administrative issues (e.g., formal document production, review and approval.)
 Assure adherence to meeting procedures/rules of conduct.
 “Moderate” discussions to facilitate progress towards resolution.
A. Chairperson
The Chairperson will approve the agenda for the meetings; and preside over and adjourn meetings under normal circumstances in conjunction with the DFO. The Chair, or his/her designee, will also be the official spokesperson for ISAC, which is needed for presentations/briefings to NISC, external entities including Federal agencies and Congress.
B. Vice-Chairperson
The Vice-Chairperson will undertake such of the Chairperson’s responsibilities as may be delegated and may chair meeting in the absence of the Chairperson. The Vice-Chairperson also serves as the lead of the Steering Group. In the event that the current Chairperson resigns his/her ISAC membership, the Vice-Chairperson will fill the position in an acting capacity until such time as the full ISAC can vote on a recommended replacement, and that replacement is formally appointed by the Secretary of the Interior.
C. Secretary
The Secretary is responsible for recording recommendations and action items from each meeting, ensuring that they are accurate and agreed upon by the full ISAC prior to meeting adjournment. The Secretary will work with NISC staff to produce minutes for the meeting and will also certify their accuracy prior to their being made available to the public. The Secretary will also assist in preparing written correspondence directed by the ISAC, and assist in preparing an annual report on ISAC activities; as well as performing other administrative duties as directed by the Chairperson, with support from NISC staff.
D. Designated Federal Official (DFO)
The DFO, or his/her designate, is required to attend every ISAC meeting, and provide guidance to ISAC to ensure that meetings are conducted in accordance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA).
As stated above, the DFO will have the authority and be required to adjourn any meeting under circumstances in which he/she considers such action to be in the public interest.