The Water Resources Coordinator will primarily be responsible for the management of the Spring Creek Watershed’s Water Resources Monitoring Project. The position will require year-round collection and management of water quality and quantity data (including baseflow, stormwater and groundwater), maintenance and analysis of rating curves for 13 stream flow stations, writing annual project reports and grants, coordination of fundraising, and interaction with staff, volunteers, and a variety of public and private conservation professionals on a regular basis. The position may also require oversight of a Water Monitoring Technician.

The Water Resources Coordinator will also be responsible for the management of Watershed Cleanup Day and other programs and grants as appropriate. The position also facilitates interaction between ClearWater Conservancy and the Spring Creek Watershed Association, the Spring Creek Watershed Commission, the Centre County Pennsylvania Senior Environment Corps, and other education and outreach initiatives.

How to Apply

Send cover letter, transcripts, resume, and references no later than October 1, 2013 to Jennifer Shuey, Executive Director at