The Communications Workgroup charter states that the purpose of the workgroup is threefold:

1. To foster cross-jurisdictional communication among Chesapeake Bay Program partners by providing a collaborative forum to discuss communications issues, meet communications needs and conduct public relations with the media, the public and other critical audiences

2. To provide expert advice and recommendations when asked to address the communications needs of Chesapeake Bay Program groups (including the Chesapeake Executive Council, Principals’ Staff Committee or Management Board; Advisory Committees; Goal Implementation Teams; workgroups, committees and subcommittees; and Chesapeake Bay Program leadership)

3. To provide professional guidance to the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Communications Office in support of its mission to support and communicate the policy, science and data of the Chesapeake Bay Program through media outreach, web- and print-based products, high-quality multimedia, an established and consistent brand, targeted messaging and collaboration and engagement with stakeholders around the watershed