DP Consultants, Inc.
DP Consultants, Inc. is a government and public relations consulting firm with an emphasis on third party coordination and community engagement for major economic development and infrastructure improvement programs. We are seeking an experienced Public Outreach Coordinator who will be assigned full-time to support DC Water’s DC Clean Rivers Project Green Infrastructure (GI) initiative. The DC Clean Rivers Project is currently constructing a massive underground tunnel system to address stormwater pollution and has proposed using GI which mimics natural processes as a tool to capture, slow, and clean stormwater before it enters DC Water’s combined sewer system.

Job Title: Public Outreach Coordinator

To Apply: Go to http://dpconsultants.net/careers/#PublicOutreach for a detailed position description. Please forward your résumé, portfolio examples (e.g., writing samples, graphics/marketing materials, and training/educational/outreach materials) and cover letter stating salary requirements to hr@dpconsultants.net.

Job Summary

Incumbent will possess an awareness of clean water initiatives, sustainability, stormwater control, GI and related environmental issues. Additional requirements include strong project and team management skills as well as a demonstrated technical competency and the ability to translate technical information to non-technical audiences. Incumbent will provide public outreach and communications management support, engaging a diverse group of stakeholders, decision makers, residents, businesses, organizations and other affected and interested parties.

The position consists of creating and implementing public engagement campaigns and educational materials which encourage environmental stewardship and support of GI technologies such as green roofs, bioretention, permeable pavement, and rainwater harvesting systems. Responsibilities include but are not limited to facilitating meetings and working groups, including occasional weekday evening and weekend events, as well as assisting with strategic planning and vision development.

Incumbent will be housed full time at DC Water Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Facility.