The Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Chesapeake and Coastal Service, is currently accepting applications for a Research Coordinator for the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (Research Reserve) that will serve as a technical expert and researcher of estuarine science. This position is full time and based out of Annapolis, Maryland with required travel to and field work at sites around Maryland’s coast.

This position will direct the implementation of research and monitoring activities of the Research Reserve and ensure that current estuarine and climate research and monitoring is integrated into coastal management and policy initiatives. Responsibilities include (1) the design and implementation of applied and basic research in cooperation with local, state and national partners; (2) the compilation, analysis, interpretation and translation of technical data collected at and around Reserve sites; (3) development of recommendations for maintaining and enhancing natural resource quality and diversity; and, (4) the design and implementation of long-term monitoring programs. The incumbent facilitates professional-level applied and basic research at Reserve sites and coordinates this research in cooperation with partners. The position writes grant applications, research reports and other technical documents and stays abreast of estuarine and climate research in the state, region and nation. Incumbent will keep abreast of and interpret estuarine and climate change science for non-scientist partners and staff.