Welcome and roll call

Workgroup retreat: Stephanie Smith will update the workgroup on planning activities for the third Communications workgroup retreat.

Chesapeake Bay Expertise Database: Melissa Fagan will talk about the Chesapeake Research Consortium’s Chesapeake Bay Expertise Database, a “living database” or directory that will provide CRC member institutions and Bay Program partners with means of finding each other’s areas of expertise and interest.

Update from Strategy Review System meeting: Catherine Krikstan recently attended the Bay Program’s first Biennial Strategy Review System meeting. She will update the workgroup on the process behind this review system and the outcomes of the first SRS meeting, including some potential action items for the Communications Workgroup.
Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week: Kelley Galowina and Kristin Reilly will talk about final plans for Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week.

Executive Council meeting: The 2017 Executive Council meeting will take place next Thursday, June 8 at the Maryland State House. Rachel Felver will give an update on the agenda, meeting logistics and anticipated media.

Round robin

Roving Ranger: Megan McSwain will introduce NPS’s new Roving Ranger, which will also be on site for everyone to visit after the meeting.