The Regulatory and Compliance Engineer/Architect is a 12 month grant funded position located in Baltimore, Maryland. The Regulatory and Compliance Engineer/Architect reviews plans and designs related to engineering or architectural work of construction, operational or industrial projects and processes in pollution control, waste remediation, resource conservation, environmental protection or public health and safety to ensure regulatory compliance using engineering or architectural standards, practices, principles and methods. The RCE II will review applications for general permits (Notices of Intent, NOIs) to verify that coverage is appropriate; review NOIs for internal consistency and to make sure outfalls agree with maps; explain general permit provisions and requirements to permittees, compliance personnel and the public; participate in training meetings with inspectors and in permit application meetings; develop new and revised NOI forms to support new and/or revised general permits; complete factual work on fact sheets and check/update outfall and facility data in WIMS; and handle PIA (Public Information Act) or FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests for the division.